Report / ROSTVERTOL. How to collect helicopters


Lift up in the sky a couple of tanks, armored personnel carriers park or seven-ton power line. This can not only rocket "Proton M", but our transport helicopter Mi-26 — the largest in its class. Produce this flying warehouse in Rostov-on-Don at the "ROSTVERTOL."

"Rostvertol" is a holding company "Helicopters of Russia" — the most profitable asset of the corporation "Russian Technologies". The company — the third in the world in terms of manufactured helicopters. Today, its order backlog reached 1,500 helicopters.

1. Assembly shop Mi-26

2. Nutro giant :)

3. The height of a helicopter, 8 meters. To build the necessary build scaffolding.


5. Next to collect the Mi-35. This machine is designed for Azerbaijan.

6. Next is the assembly of the Mi-28N. Armor cockpit windshield hit stands 12.7 mm armor-piercing rounds, high-explosive 20mm shells, and even fragments of guided missiles.

7. The plant closely monitor the quality of which, by the way, is recognized around the world. 

8. Young people willingly go to the factory. At lunch there is a true American basketball suit …

9. … And table tennis.

10. Almost ready Mi-35M2.

11. The plant not only collects, helicopters, and conducts maintenance. 

12. Circling brand new Mi-35M2. 

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