Report / Study weekdays Torzhok TsBPiPLS


In Torzhokskiy 344 TsBPiPLS has recently received a lot of new helicopters. Flights go day and night, in various weather conditions. Not without a tragic moment, but Torzhoktsy not lose heart and continue to perform learning tasks. 


All new incoming helicopters have new gray camouflage uniform for the Russian Air Force. So now gray and green fly side-by-side. :) By-side comparison:




Gradually, they will supersede the "green" :)



There Torzhke and new Mi-8AMTSh, they fulfill not only flying, but also dropping:




Not so long ago to fly the Mi-28N started aerobatic team "Golden Eagles." 




Spectacular dissolution:



Here’s how it looked on the "crocodiles" MI-24:




In the post, the photographs users AlexG77, alekszeit, Fotosamurai site


PS Fans of whining about duplicate report that recent photos ;)

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