Report / Vladivostok aerial (Spring 2012)





The bridge across the Golden Horn

Central square

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Dynamo Stadium and Sports harbor promenade

Cinema Center Ocean

Construction of five-star class hotels in Cape Stormy


Ferris wheel on the waterfront

Bay Shamora

Recultivated dump "Stoat"

Hazardous landfill reclamation project intended to guard its retaining walls that would suppress completely discharge into the environment. From the sea, built a high-rise slope. For its construction used special designs of wire mesh and rock material weighing up to 6 tons each. For the final isolation of screen dumps built of clay thickness of 1 meter. The same applies biological reclamation — the landing of special varieties of plants.

Treatment facilities planning area of Vladivostok South. Design capacity — 160 thousand cubic meters per day. Here will be sent to wastewater from Pershamaiski and parts of Leninsky district of Vladivostok.

The well-known TPP-2, which is not the first smokes skies Vladivostok. At the moment, there is executed the first phase of work on the translation of CHP on the gas. The second stage of the gasification project Vladivostok TPP-2 is scheduled to be completed August 30, 2012. By this time the boilers must be submitted in full, including commissioning.

The bridge to the island of Russian

A couple of diesel submarines in the Pacific Fleet Bay of Ulysses

Russian Island, bay Ajax, where construction is in full swing Far Eastern Federal University

Another object of the APEC summit — Seaside Aquarium

Sedankinsky reservoir

Construction low water bridge De Vries — Sedanka conducted in preparation for the APEC Summit 2012. The bridge will be part of the new highway ‘village. New — De-Friz — Sedanka — Patroclus’, which is several times to reduce the time it takes to get from the airport to the city of Vladivostok, will also become an alternative way out of town. The length of the low water bridge-overpass will be 4362 meters.

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Governor’s mansion :)

Commercial Port of Vladivostok

Mountain alyssum

Stadium "Avangard"

Meadow area

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