Reporting / Production SSJ-100 NAPO. VP Chkalov


NAPO. Chkalov ("Chkalov factory") — one of the largest Russian aircraft manufacturing enterprises, part of the company "Sukhoi". In addition to the implementation of the state defense order, since 2004, the company, together with Russian and foreign partners, is working on a project Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSj-100) — the new Russian regional jet. The plant produces the fore and aft sections of the fuselage and horizontal and vertical stabilizer.

1. The introduction of an enterprise of modern equipment for machining parts civilian airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100 began in 2007 

2. In the intermediate storage plant components are located in a designated tool trays. In each kit into place. This method of storage, warehouse allows employees to save time in their search for bundling and delivery to the assembly

3. Each set has its own "passport"

4. Machining center operator is preparing the treatment process.

5. After treatment, this will turn into a sheet metal panel liner 

6. Metal is placed in a machining center Handtmann. This high-speed five-axis machining centers, computer-controlled, allow high-precision production of large parts and panels.

7. The final panel, waiting for their turn to be assembly

8. Drilling and riveting press «Broetie» designed for riveting of large panels liner. Is designed to minimize the manual labor fitter-assemblers.


10. Despite the automation of many production processes, trade-assembler riveter and fitter still remain the most popular in the aircraft constructing production. 

11. Riveting cockpit liner


13. Assembling the frame cabin


15. Corridor

16. Assembling the rear fuselage. See all of the reinforcement elements of construction: spars, stringers, frames, etc.


18. Fitters

19. Assembling the horizontal stabilizer — the wing liner

20. The forward fuselage airliner on final assembly. 

21. Operators of the machining center

22. The frame horizontal tail liner 

23. Painting accessories

24. In early 2008, the program was launched NAPO technology application of "lean" production (Lean-technology) designed to significantly reduce the cycle of aircraft assembly, due process improvement through a series of management decisions and organizational methods. Experience in application of which was borrowed from such industrial giants like Toyota and Boeing.

25. Located next to the shop "SibNIA" endurance tests conducted SSJ-100 aircraft.

26. Sukhoi Superjet 100 — Russia’s short-haul passenger aircraft.
The family of aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet-100 is designed for range of up to 4,400 km. 

27. The first flight of the prototype took place on 19 May 2008 and the start of operation of 21 April 2011.

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