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April 25 in the Voronezh area at the airport "Buturlinovka" took flight tactical exercises with fighter of "4 +" MiG-29 SMT, during which the Kursk was to start for the first time pilots in a dogfight with the pilots of Voronezh and Tver region, attacking in the Su -34, MiG-31, Su-24.

The exercise was part of three aircraft air groups from the cities of Kursk, Voronezh, Tver region Khotilovo. Within two days of the MiG-29 practiced questions covering troops from the air, as well as the defeat of the enemy.

1. In the role of the imaginary enemy made Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-34, as well as fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Actions Kursk Air Arm aircraft were complicated jammers.


2. The plan exercises, hypothetical opponents in the Su-24, Su-34 and MiG-31 will go into a given square from different sides and different heights from extremely low to 10 thousand meters. Simultaneously, the air will be 9 to each side of the aircraft.

3. The MiG-29 SMT will autonomously carry out search and destroy targets, which is not typical for the aircraft task.

4. But teaching exercises, and before the plane will take off on a mission, it must prepare for departure. Preparation of aircraft rests on the shoulders of engineers and technical staff. 

5. Prepare to fly the MiG-29 SMT takes about 50 minutes. During this time, experts perform a lot of operations of the aircraft, from filling necessary fluids and gases, to test all the systems.

6. Near the plane is machine APA-5. This is a ground power unit, designed to run the engine electric aircraft engines and on-board power supply aircraft in ground conditions. APA-5 operates as follows. The parking brake on and off the clutch. Then turn on the fourth gear, ensuring the inclusion of generator drives. The throttle fully open the throttle and fixed in this position latch. After preparation of the electric plant to the work connected cables to the aircraft. In the group run the unit can be connected to two aircraft.

7. And it is already filling with compressed air. On the plane a lot of different systems that use gases: air, nitrogen, oxygen. Nitrogen, for example, the free space is filled with fuel tanks.

8. When a fighter refueled, the pilot starts the engines. Under control of the technique he displays turbine at different modes, making progazovku, checks the operation of the ailerons, flaps, elevators and direction, and other systems.

9. All checked — you can steer to take off. Before this technique is traditionally required for hand wing.

10. Humpback :)

11. Rise couple.

12. The sight of MiG-29 SMT is capable of engaging targets at distances up to 100 kilometers at all altitudes. On-board electronics allow firing four goals at the same time. And when it comes to melee, the course is a 30-millimeter gun GSH-301.

13. Without afterburner with outboard fuel tank accelerates long, moving with a raised nose, more than half of the strip.

14. Here, as in the game, "blue" — the enemy will come from the west. Our MiG-29 — "red". Eight fighters will take off in pairs, each will leave in its sector. When the goals, the command post aircraft prints on them.

15. Next proiskhodt distant missile combat. If any of these targets after it survived the convergence begins and maneuver battle over short distances.

16. Touch.


17. Release the brake parachute.


18. Mileage.


19. After taxiing to the parking lot, begins post-flight maintenance of aircraft.

20. While the pilot signs the log and report comments on the work of materiel behind him one technician climbs into the air intakes to check the turbine blades. The second connects to the side of the laptop and downloads flight information. The third piece of the shell takes off, pulls out hidden underneath the device and insert a new cas

21. Claustrophobia? No, I have not :)

22. Cab MiG-29 SMT.

23. A distinctive feature of previous versions of the MiG-29 is the minimum mechanical devices, which were replaced, came two large MFIs (multifunction display).




27. The commander of the air group "Kursk" Guards Colonel Ruslan Kupchin said: — The tasks performed. And since military pilots are working well, civilians can sleep peacefully.

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