Representatives of JSC FGC UES gathered at the conference,

Organized of "ELEKTROZAVOD"

A production facility, the Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow April 18, 2013 held a scientific-technical conference with the technical directors of regional, territorial divisions (MEA) of JSC "FGC UES" and executive body of JSC "FGC UES". The conference met with the full range of electrical products developed by companies holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow, Ufa, Kiev (Ukraine), discussed the issues of cooperation and supply of modern equipment of "ELEKTROZAVOD" for the objects of the Federal Grid Company. 

Especially for power engineers in the enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" developed and produced the latest power equipment, the design and manufacture of which uses unique design and technological solutions. The use of modern materials, reliable components provides a significant improvement in the basic parameters of the equipment, reducing the weight and size characteristics, reduced installation and maintenance costs.

As part of the conference guests accompanied by the leadership of "ELEKTROZAVOD" inspected manufacturing facilities in Moscow and met with the complex process of manufacturing transformer and reactor equipment. The new production facility "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in Russia. The company offers more than 3,500 types of transformer and reactor equipment. Technological capabilities provide production plant power transformers up to 630 MVA voltage class up to 750 kV shunt reactors and 300 MVAR voltage class up to 1,150 kV.

The commissioning of new facilities in Moscow, Ufa and Zaporozhye Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" has manufacturing and technical capabilities to fulfill any volume of orders from the power industry and other sectors of the Russian economy, covering all the required product range of transformer, reactor and switching equipment.

Over the last few years of "ELEKTROZAVOD" delivered to JSC "FGC UES" more than 250 transformer and reactor equipment with a capacity of over 25,000 MW. Provision of modern equipment made for newly built facilities, and for the replacement of obsolete and no longer used in the reconstruction of the existing units substations.

Recently, in the framework of the reconstruction and modernization of the energy sector between Russia JSC "FGC UES" and JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD" signed a series of agreements on cooperation in the implementation of innovative projects to create new types of high-voltage electrical equipment. To date, the company jointly implement more than a dozen innovative projects aimed at the development of the energy sector of the country.

Work is in progress on the creation of intelligent transformer equipped with the appropriate sensors and microprocessor-based systems for recording effects and diagnostics to determine the current overload capacity of the transformer. To reduce losses in distribution transformers are being developed by specialists of transformers with magnetic cores of amorphous steel, allowing a factor of 4 lower no-load losses of transformers. To reduce the losses in electric networks and stabilize the voltage on the power lines the company has developed for the 500 kV "Nelym" (MES West — Siberia) controlled shunt reactor capacity of 180 MVA. The use of CSR can reduce power distribution losses and increase the reliability of electrical substation equipment. The company offers power companies a fundamentally new device TRANSREAKTOR, combines the functions of auto-transformer and bus controlled shunt reactor, which allows along with the reduction of electricity losses significantly reduce the cost of equipment and the cost of construction of substations. In order to ensure energy security, the company offers a gas-insulated power transformers, which are fire-and explosion-occupy a smaller area at the substation through a direct connection to the switchgear gas-insulated switchgear.

In general, experts Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" developed and utilized in the production of more than 400 kinds of new techniques, including:

  • Voltage transformers 110 to 750 kV 630 MVA capacity to work in a block with power generators, including nuclear;
  • shunt reactors at 220-1150 kW, including managed, single-phase and three-phase versions;
  • auto-voltage class 220, 330, 500, 750 kV transmission lines;
  • Complete switchgear and transformer substations of 6-20 kV, and other advanced equipment for the needs of power plants and network businesses.

The pride of the company became the first in the Russian auto transformer ultra-high-voltage 750 kV 417 MVA capacity, designed specifically for the site of "FGC UES". Design and manufacture of this type of equipment marks the conquest of a new frontier Russian transformer — the development of domestic production of large power transformers at the 750-kilovolt extra-high voltage!

The activities of the enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" allows you not only to the manufacture of modern electrical products, but also to take an active part in designing and implementing large-scale projects aimed at developing the country’s power industry, construction of power "turnkey".

Following the conference confirmed the mutual interest in the development of electric power industry of Russia, creating the necessary conditions for the implementation of development projects, production of high-energy products and for further cooperation in the field of innovation

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