Republic of the Sudan Railways invited to the project Trans-African railway

The Sudanese government has offered Russia to participate in the construction of the Trans-African railway Dakar — Port Sudan.

"Last week in Russia was visiting Sudanese director of railways, which in the negotiations with the leadership of the Russian Railways invited to participate in the construction of the Trans-African railway line from Dakar, Senegal, located on the Atlantic coast in the west of Africa, to the Sudanese city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea, "- said the Sudanese ambassador to Russia Omar Dahab.

According to him, in the long term trans-African railway to connect the capital of Senegal to Djibouti, located to the south — the Gulf of Aden. This port is one of the most important in the western Indian Ocean.

Sudanese ambassador noted that "the project will be implemented jointly with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)." "Russia has a great opportunity to participate in this project. We, at least, made this proposal, "- added Dahab.

In addition, as noted by the ambassador, Russian companies have excellent prospects in the development of rail links between Sudan and neighboring countries, as well as "the opportunity to invest in the construction and modernization of domestic railways."

Dahab expressed hope that the visit of the Sudanese oil in Russia, which, according to him, will "soon" will serve as a good stimulus for the development of bilateral ties. "In Sudan, there is oil, there is gold, and Russian companies are actively involved in the development of deposits of these minerals. We invite them to cooperate and are optimistic about the future of our relations in this area ", — concluded the Sudanese ambassador.

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