Republican logistics selhoztsentr opened in Yakutia

National agricultural logistics center, bringing together 12 agricultural cooperatives, the construction of which was spent 170 million rubles, opened in Yakutia.

The center was established on the basis of the national cooperative "Sahaagroprodukt" which, in turn, brings together 12 agricultural cooperatives, such as "Amma", "Taatta", "Ust-Aldan", "Curapca."

Center allows you to receive and process, to ensure proper storage and operational marketing of fresh local produce. Facilities and equipment allow you to take the center of dairy and meat products, processed wild plants, adjusted output of meat products.

Products will be sold through its own network of shops cooperative "Sahaagroprodukt" through outlets federal networks, the markets of the city and its retail network.

Construction of the center with the equipment at a cost of 170 million rubles, of which the federal budget as part of the economically important regional projects Yakutia has received more than 80 million rubles.

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