Rescuers are using new Black Sea Fleet diving systems

Specialists Emergency Services Black Sea Fleet (BSF) while performing work under water use opportunities diving complex new generation of "Cyclops" and small-sized underwater robot "Review-600."

As the press service of the Southern Military District, special equipment is used in a survey of wrecks, diving training specialists, as well as the inspection of ship hulls and the courts.

The complex includes a wet suit with a helmet, an underwater robot with a camera and control system monitors. The advantages of the "Cyclops" is a compact size and portability, it is equipped with high-resolution cameras, lights and radio. "Cyclops" is designed to operate at depths up to 50 m and the robot "Review-600" — up to 600 m

An immersion suit made by the new technologies of motion and the figure is adjusted person excluded from the set of heavy diving boots and system for placing goods on the belt diver significantly optimized. Weight diving kit does not exceed 40 kg.

The new complex provides dual control actions of the person in the water. The image in real-time transmitted from the helmet diver to monitor the head diving descents that allows you to quickly adjust his actions. In addition, the work of divers underwater robot controls the video camera, which enhances security tasks at depth.

At the moment, experts BSF have two new sets of diving equipment. Working with this equipment has become a must-have in the training of specialists diving squad emergency service fleet.






Diving visual surveillance device "Cyclops"  production of Russian company "Tethys-KC"

The device "Tsikop" prednznachen for visual observation of surface objects at night.
The main purpose of the device — use as a sole means of monitoring the course of special operations involving divers. At the core of the device is the use of an image intensifier the third generation, which provides high quality images on a monocular, which is attached directly to the diving mask. 




Autonomous unmanned underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) "Overview-600" produced by Russian company "Tethys PRO"

The underwater robot will be used by the military for reconnaissance seabed. The decision to adopt technical regulations "Review-600" on the arms were made as a result of tests carried out in 2010.

Earlier in the Russian Navy used ROV Tiger and Pantera + made by British company Seaeye Marine.

"Review-600" refers to a class of small ROV and can operate at depths up to 600 meters. This underwater vehicle equipped with manipulators that allow you to capture a mass of 20 kg. Due to its small size, the "Review-600" can penetrate the complex or narrow construction under water, which is certainly an advantage.

ROV "Review-600" provides the detection of underwater objects using sonar around view at a range of 2 to 100 m "Review-600" is capable of performing underwater technical works in the volume capacity of the manipulator "tong" and can transmit color or black-and-white video the vessel carrier with its registration carrier or a digital VCR. 

ROV "Review-600" is able to move horizontally at a speed of not less than 3.4 nodes and at least 1.5 unit — vertically or lag (sideways).

The company of "Tethys defense" was founded in 1991 and specializes in developing, manufacturing and complex equipment with modern equipment and facilities for the performance of work under water. "Tethys PRO" is one of the leading companies of the Group of Tethys, which consists of "Camp", OAO NPP "RIF" and ZAO "Respiratory system".

One of the priorities of the company is the design and installation of mobile systems for various purposes, placed in standard shipping containers and specially designed bodies on the basis of off-road vehicles: mobile diving systems (ERM), mobile systems remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) of the different classes, and and search and-finding systems.

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