Rescuers have a new Black Sea Fleet Diving


Rescuers Black Sea Fleet testing a new diving equipment. Lightweight and comfortable suits SVU-5 replaced the outdated Soviet equipment. With their help, divers can operate at a depth of 60 meters for six hours. In addition, these suits have a built-in radio and the ability to use a video camera. All equipment manufactured by Russian companies, so the repair and accessories will be no problems. In the near future a new diving equipment will appear on all of the Black Sea Fleet.


VCA-5 is designed for life support when the diver underwater engineering, rescue and other types of diving to depths of up to 60 meters of water at a temperature of -2 to +35 ° C.

Major items of equipment:diving helmet VCA-5 with a wired headset connection and full face mask lamp BM-6 with a headset wired and backup lamp-contained breathing apparatus with the suspension system and a set of goods immersion suits "dry" type remote unit dive boats rubber flippers diving knife welding shield slam

Main technical characteristics of equipment IED 5

Equipment provides the diver breathing compressed air in the discharge of diving to depths of up to 60 m with a maximum pulmonary ventilation 90 l / min (using a hose VSH-2 maximum pulmonary ventilation — no more than 60 l / min)
Equipment nominally operates on open circuit breathing and is operational in two modes:
1) PRP supplied air from the surface;
2) in an emergency mode: the air supply stop surface — from the backup breathing apparatus, failure lung machine — as ventilating equipment with an air supply from the surface or from the backup breathing apparatus.
Resistance to breathing in a diving helmet or mask BM-6 at depths of 0 to 60 m in pulmonary ventilation:

  • 30 l / min — no more than 1.25 kPa (125 mm of water. Cent.) During inhalation and exhalation;
  • 60 l / min — no more than 2.5 kPa (250 mm of water. Cent.) During inhalation and exhalation;
  • 90 l / min — no more than 3.5 kPa (350 mm of water. Cent.) During inhalation and exhalation.

After breathing lung machine using no more than 3 J / l.
While working in emergency mode from the standby breathing apparatus in pulmonary ventilation of 30 l / min at a depth of 60 meters — at least 4 minutes.
Reserve breathing apparatus is operable at pressure in the cylinder from 2.0 to 19.6 MPa (20 to 200 kgf / cm2).
Pressure reducer outlet backup breathing apparatus (without flow) — (1,0 ± 0,1) MPa [(10 ± 1) kg / cm2] At the input 17,6-19,6 MPa (180-200 kg / cm2).
Relief Valve gear backup respiratory apparatus is in the range of 1.4 to 1.7 MPa (14 to 17 kgf / cm2).
Curb weight of not more than 55 kg;
Equipment is operational during prolonged use in fresh and salt water (35 ppm), including those with high oil content.
Suspension system backup breathing apparatus allows the diver lift out of the water in an emergency.

New diving helmet SVU-5

Included in the equipment APC-5. Designed to create the necessary conditions of life and ensure efficiency diver underwater. Helmet head isolates from the environment, protects it from possible mechanical shock and provides thermal protection. The helmet shell
is made of fiberglass and is the power and glue.

The main differences helmet SVU-5 from the helmet «SupreLite» Company Kirby Morgan: Use a more efficient lung machine (small resistance and work with breathing); Blowout porthole helmet is constantly in the process of breathing, or force when opening the valve of forced airflow, Flexible Hose lung machine provides ease of installation and better protection against mechanical impacts, on lung machine provides the atmospheric valve, which allows to reduce air consumption when equipped and lifting equipment. In emergency surfacing fast switch to breathing ambient air (a big advantage), Pulmonary machine is simple and easy to maintain (easily assembled and disassembled in the control condition of the membrane). Special conditions stipulated descent clamp for fixing the rubber cover lung machine; functionally convenient and easy to use system draining the helmet in the event of any water; headset equipment designed to work with different types of diving stations due to be much higher quality and intelligibility of speech is possible to work with a hose VS-2; convenient donning and removal by the use in the construction of quick connections with no special tools; Neck ring standardized helmet with a helmet «SupreLite 27" and can be used with the standard SC APC overalls and coveralls with other manufacturers, such as "Viking ‘; Normally installed attachment for the light and camera, bigger field of view window of 10-15% due to its size and proximity to a diver’s face;
Full Face Mask BM-6

Included in the equipment APC-5.
Designed to create the necessary conditions of life, ensure efficiency diver underwater communication between the diver and the head of the descent.

The main differences from the mask mask AGA: Mask of the VM-6 has a larger cross-section air channels, which provides less resistance to breathing mask On the VM-6 is set nominally universal headset connection that can handle multiple types of communication stations diving, much higher quality and intelligibility speech.
Reserve breathing apparatus with suspension system

Included in the equipment APC-5. Reserve breathing apparatus is used to provide breathing diver in an emergency.
The apparatus consists of a cylinder valve gear suspension system.
The container unit is attached to the harness via a belt and a balloon is used for storage of compressed air.
Cylinders — 6 l.
Suspension system backup breathing apparatus serves for fastening the device for lifting the water diver in an emergency.
Provides uniform weight distribution equipment body diver.

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