Research and Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt sent a gas turbine unit in China — for the amphibious assault ship

"Zorya" — "Mashproekt" delivers a complete set of gas turbine unit for M35 assault hovercraft "Bison", under construction at the FGC "The Sea" (Theodosius) for the Chinese Navy.

The unit consists of five motors 6MVt and eleven gears, which provide lifting the ship on the water.
In this case, two engines provide a cushion of air, and three traction — movement.

The unit is designed for the first of two ships being built in Ukraine under contract with a Chinese customer.
Along with the shipment of the first set are the second set of benchmark tests for the following gas turbine ship.
The next delivery is scheduled for the complete package in May 2012, the press service of the company.

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