Researchers have discovered hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. That Loki's Castle called the Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate.

Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area may be a new national park or Norway or the place of billions of dollars of revenue.

Unique results discovered by the Norwegians, a volcanic mountain range is 1,500 km long, which extends from Jan Mayen to the strait Frem, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom.

Prior to that, on the map in this area had white spots, and no one knew that there was. Last volcano found a couple of weeks ago, and it is located only 20 meters below sea level — says Rolf Birger Pedersen, Professor Centre for Geobiology (UiB).

Having discovered this area, the scientists of the University had the opportunity to personally observe the hitherto unknown volcanic underwater world with hundreds of volcanoes and the various sources of heat.

But it is not only the unique nature of this area has become famous for, but large reserves of the metal. Each volcanic field has a value of from 1 to 3 billion Norwegian kroner (1 krone today is 0,168 dollars). What economic value will have an area too early to say, because it is important not to forget about the legal and environmental issues.

Iron, zinc and copper are some of the metal deposits that are found there. Found and the unique micro-organisms which are also going to start studying for the use in research.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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