Resident of SEZ Dubna need managers for the sale of medical equipment

Already, residents of SEZ "Dubna" requires professionals, including non-resident, for the realization of sales in Russia and the CIS domestic production of medical equipment.

The new building CPP "Beta" on the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna", February 2012


On the right bank area of SEZ "Dubna" is scientific-industrial complex "Beta", which in 2013 will start production of medical equipment for the treatment of the cascade and the donor plasmapheresis plasmafilters to devices with pore diameters in the nanometer range (20-100 nm).

Now construction SPC "Beta" has entered its final phase, and the SEZ resident company "NANO CASCADE" together with its sole founder of the holding company "Trackpore Technology" started recruitment for the start of production work areas of the complex.Construction and equipment of SPC "Beta" new industrial cyclotron to produce the track membrane for medical purposes, an automatic production line and assembly production current level, the development and testing of unique medical equipment, supplies to it are held in a joint project with JSC "RUSNANO".

Today, companies resident requires professionals, including non-resident, for the realization of sales on the territory of Russia and CIS medical equipment:

  • cascade of medical devices and donor plasmapheresis
  • plasmafilters
  • medical devices

On the competitive selection of invited experts to work with higher medical education at the age of 27 to 45 years, with experience in sales of 2 years (advantage) owning technology SMART SPIN and having the skills to work with the objections, the planning and management of the negotiation process (an advantage) proactive and result-oriented.

Prior to the launch of the new complex SPC "Beta" their place of work will be the office of the company "NANO CASCADE" on the left bank area of SEZ "Dubna" wages — 60,000 rubles (salary plus bonus). Working conditions — in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. When applying for a job at a competitive selection process addresses the issue of the provision of housing professionals from other cities.




Web sites with information about these companies, their projects and products, detailed text job postings "Sales of medical equipment":    — CJSC "Trackpore Technology"

Download information about vacancies 

More detailed information about the vacancies can be found by calling +7 (495) 7777-957 ext. 111 and +7 (495) 783-30-89 ext. 703, e-mail:, sergey.shabanov @

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