Resident status Zhigulevskaya Valley received 8 more projects

June 7 held the fifth meeting of the Expert Council of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies "Zhigulevskaya Valley", chaired by the Acting Minister of Transportation and Highways of the Samara region Nikolai Sinelnikova. As the press service of the industrial park, this time for residency received 10 bids. For two projects, the members of the advisory council there were many questions, and applicants asked for time for completion of projects.

7 projects from the discussions were unanimously approved by the advisory council. Two of them belong to the cluster, "Transport and space development", "Creation and implementation of technologies, processes and machines, providing flexibility for the production of roll-formed sections and shaped pipes" (OOO "Proftruba") and "Creating integrated systems of vibration protection to ensure the safety of people and reliability of electronic equipment on the transport "(LLC" Astron "). The absolute leader in the number of applications has become a cluster of "Information and communications technology." Fund JetVenture presented two projects at once, who had already obtained prominence in the Internet community, "Automatic Virtual commercial service» and "Creating a virtual buyer’s market and new schemes of online sales on the basis of service». Also unanimously approved projects in the field of high technology, "Cloud-based electronic company corporate information system" Ilada "(OOO" Ilada ")," Development of an interactive Web-services system for the implementation of the "Distance Education" in the field of information communications "(HPE PSUTI ).

Controversy and debate caused by the project "Establishment of hardware and software for remote education and the implementation of training by means of the complex" (competitor — Ovodenko DV), but eventually the majority of the project was given the status of a resident of a business incubator technology park.

According to the press service of the industrial park, the fifth advisory council was marked by a special event. The first international resident park "Zhigulevskaya Valley" has become a wholly owned subsidiary in Russia a world renowned leader in the field of telecommunications Huawei (Huawei). The company has many years of experience in the development of innovation, a network of R & D centers around the world, 46% of all employees are engaged in research and development. Now, one of the centers of research and development will be located in the industrial park "Zhigulevskaya Valley". "Recently, during a state visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the expansion of cooperation in high technology between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, including the creation of a technological alliance based on the grounds of technology parks. Parks We are the first of the Russian Federation followed this initiative by setting the status of a resident of one of the largest industrial park of Chinese high-tech companies, "- says the Deputy Director for the residents’ Zhigulevskaya Valley" Alex Kokotkin.

Thus, at the end of the fifth session of the Expert Council of 8 more companies have been recommended for the conclusion of agreements and misappropriation of resident status in the industrial park area of high-tech "Zhigulevskaya Valley".

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