Residents Kazan technopolis Khimgrad increased output


Total output of the members of the Kazan technopolis "Khimgrad" in 2011 increased in comparison with 2010 by 20.6%, which amounted to 8.2 billion rubles, to the materials of the company. Such results are due, in the main, the increase of production capacity of large resident technopolis, such as LLC "Danaflex Nano."

"Danaflex-Nano" in November 2011, launched in the production of techno-polymer nanocomposite films. Financing of the budget of the enterprise (which is 2.45 billion rubles) was carried out by the group of companies of Kazan "Danaflex" (investment was 1.25 billion rubles). Acted as a co-investor "RUSNANO" (investment — 1.2 billion rubles). The company plans to "Danaflex-Nano" in 2012 to reach full capacity of 46 thousand tons of plastic film and packaging per year. The company’s revenue in 2012 will be about 3.6 billion rubles, and in 2015 reached more than 6 billion rubles.

As the chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Khimgrad" Albert Karimov, the total output of enterprises resident Technopolis will continue to grow and by 2012 will amount to 12.5 billion rubles, the number of residents will also increase: it is planned that by 17.6% — up to 200 companies .

Innovative Venture Center — technopolis "Khimgrad" was created in 2006 within the framework of the federal program "Creation in the Russian Federation parks in high-tech." Technopolis is an element of infrastructure to support small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the fields of chemistry and processing of polymer products. The main structural component of the techno-industrial park is designed to accommodate the chemical industry.

Resident enterprises technopolis "Khimgrad" specialize in the processing of polymers and fine chemical products. On the part of the Technopolis residents receive more than 30 types of services, including telecommunications services, marketing services, HR administration and legal support, metrology and logistics services, and others. For residents of Technopolis organized centralized supply of polymer raw materials "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" and JSC "Kazanorgsintez". All services are provided by the management company on the principle of "one window". 

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