Residents of the United States recognize the legitimacy of the law of Dima Yakovlev

The moratorium on adoptions of Russian children by Americans has provoked more than a international scandal. Americans fear that Russia might follow the example of Romania, Cambodia, Vietnam and Guatemala. And, as acknowledged by residents of the United States, the authorities of these countries will be right.

The wording of the Texas investigators that the boy from Russia Maxim Kuzmin often inflicted injury to himself, and was killed in an accident, is puzzling themselves U.S. citizens.

"Who can blame the Russian for such strong feelings and even politicized? This is a complex issue, given the relationship between the two countries. If the U.S. citizen adoptive parents and taken to Russia, but there he was killed, I’m sure we would have put forward the same demands and tried to protect our children, "- wrote the author of the article on the website Opposing Views.

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