Residents Solnechnogorsk passed to processing 60 tons of plastic bottles


Residents Solnechnogorsk sit in recycling about half of all the used plastic bottles after the installation of special containers, so in October 2011, in the processing of spent About 60 tons of bottles, According to the General Director plastics recycling plant "Plarus" Alexander Filipishin.

"We collect up to 50% of plastic bottles, discarded citizens Solnechnogorsk, home to 60,000 people. Average collect about five tons of bottles per month, and the year we received 60 tons, or about 400,000 bottles. This, of course, drop in the sea, but rather the result of a show, "- said Filipishin RIA Novosti reported.

Sight for Moscow

The "Take the plastic to turn!" started Solnechnogorsk in October 2011 with the participation of the district administration. The city has established one special bins for plastic bottles. Weekly plastic collected is delivered to the plant for further sorting and processing.

According to the source, per day plant is able to process about 50 tons of bottles. However, despite the fact that the year was able to collect a little more than a daily load, the main thing — is proof of people’s interest in the experiment.

"For us, it is significant — if this experience to make a wide region and Moscow, the same 50% of bottles, we can get together — that’s 75,000 tons per year, far more than our annual capacity. Currently we are studying the possibility of extending our expertise the Moscow region, as the authorities feel close attention to this problem, "- added Filipishin.

Lack of raw materials

Factory "Plarus" has a capacity to process more than two million tons of plastic bottles a month, which is enough to produce more than 500 million plastic bottles a year, and comparable to the consumption of the entire Moscow region.

However, the main problems of production of new bottles from recycled plant manager calls the lack of raw materials and the lack of a system of separate waste collection. At the same time, the estimated volume of waste plastic bottles only in Russia is more than 800,000 tons per year.

"The main problem for business expansion — is the lack of raw materials, that is used bottles. Today they are buried, we, unfortunately, buy dirty with solid waste landfills. Have to wash them, which increases the cost. Thus we purchase from suppliers of bottle Novosibirsk to the western borders, and Russia are imported PET bottles. Therefore the organization of separate collection and solves the problem of ecology, and the issue of import substitution ", — concluded the plant manager.


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