Restoration of cultural heritage in Irkutsk


"Paris of the East", "The Siberian Venice", "Siberian Petersburg" and even "Siberian Athens" — as they call Irkutsk, trying to convey an amazing and unique image of the city, standing on the bank of the Angara River, far away from any European capital. Indeed, walking through the ancient streets of Irkutsk, it is difficult to find a suitable comparison. Distinctive architectural character of Irkutsk — this is a strange mixture of eras and styles. Massive wooden huts, many of which more than a half century, side by side here with Stalin’s Empire style, and the "Siberian baroque" cathedrals and churches — with a modernist merchants’ mansions. It seems that time that changes everything, making the center of Irkutsk his treasure: the era succeeded each other, but from every city has its own special story remains, embodied in wood and stone, urban legends and habits of the residents. It is only natural that today, the historical center of Irkutsk is included in the tentative list of World Heritage Sites.

But a large number of monuments has been lost forever. Please find some monuments and restored in recent times.

Irkutsk fire tower.

Fire Station on the street Timirjazeva in Irkutsk was laid in 1899 and construction completed in 1901. In 1988, the fire department was transferred to the Baikalskaya street and the old building was abandoned. Cultural monument was left without a roof, without heat, for 24 years, the building was destroyed.


 Reconstruction of the building began in April 2012. On an area of over 800 square meters had a major overhaul, strengthened the foundation and walls, erected roof. Within a month, three climbers repaired facade of a building, the height of which almost with a house.

Valentin Nelyubov, deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Irkutsk region:
— Fire Tower is a kind of artifact, because the functions that she wore at the beginning of the 20th century, now out of date, they have taken the radio and cellular communications. However, the earlier tower was the only way to monitor the fire situation — on the tower watchman on duty around the clock.
At the moment all the construction works have been completed. Now being prepared for commissioning the fire station, which opens here on December 15. 
Valentin Nelyubov:
— In a renovated building on the 200th anniversary of the Fire Service will open the museum. June 10, 2014 everyone will be able to see how the rarity equipment, such as horse-barreled fire moves, and modern cars.
Fire station was restored as part of the federal target program "Fire safety of Russia." For this purpose from the federal budget allocated 30 million rubles.

The view from the watchtower.



 The historic mosque Irkutsk recreated in its original form.



 Rock mosque on the street. Salomatovskoy (now Karl Liebknecht) Tatar settlement in Irkutsk was built by brothers merchants Shafigullina in 1897. While Irkutsk mosque has been declared one of the best in Russia. This is the only mosque in the Urals, which virtually stopped all work for the Soviet government, although a large part of the building was transferred to outsiders organizatsiyam.V executive committee in 1939 the building passed into housing, then it housed a driving school, motorcycle club, offices of various organizations. The minaret was demolished.

So she looked in the past.



 And recently the case.



 The restoration of a historic building took place in several stages, beginning with the era of perestroika in the Soviet Union. This year, she appeared eyes of citizens such as Irkutsk people have seen it a hundred years ago. Minaret tower height of 28 meters recreated in its original form, the old drawings and photographs.





 Recovery Harlampios temple.

 This temple to the middle of the XIX century was called the largest in Irkutsk. And yet — the sea, because it is in Harlampios church priests blessed the sailors to submit a geographical expedition to Siberia. It was built at the expense of pheasants Yemelyan Yugova — explorer and trader — in 1738. Not by chance, March 5, 1904, it was in the temple city of Irkutsk Harlampios the wedding of hereditary noblewoman Sofia Fyodorovna Omirovoy and 29-year-old naval lieutenant Alexander Kolchak, returning from the polar expedition.

 Such churches as Haralampievskaya, long determined the characteristics of church architecture Siberia. Many times the church was suffering from the devastating earthquakes in a terrible fire in 1879 burned out long before the upper chapels renovated, hit the bell tower and the fence, and each time the congregation returned to the temple of his glory.

 Resolution of the Central Executive Committee March 10, 1932 the church was closed. Over the years, the building was a dormitory, carpentry, and the last few decades the church was in ruins.



The temple was in such a state that it was a question of complete demolition and construction of a modern copy. But the old quarter of the public and the diocese kept the building in 2007 and began its restoration.



Now the temple looks like. 









 The list would be incomplete without Moscow’s gates.

 Moscow Triumphal Gate in Irkutsk were laid July 9, 1811 to celebrate the decade of the reign of Alexander I, and the grand opening was held on September 15, 1813. The gate located at the intersection of the Moscow-Laninskoy and Lower Angara embankment, near the Moscow-out, leading to the European part of Russia.





 A height of four storeys, 19 meters, a width of 7.1 meters and a length of just 16.5 meters. Were made of bricks stacked on a solution of chicken eggs, plastered, painted in yellow color. Adorned with stucco facade. Inside is a room for carriers and guards. There was room for meetings and ceremonies wires. Moscow Gates stood for 115 years. For their repair and reconstruction in the budget there was no money to spend, and by 1928 the arch was dismantled completely dilapidated.
  New Arc de Triomphe laid almost at the same spot, now at the intersection of Lower Quay and December events, exactly 200 years after the start of construction of the Moscow Gate XIX century. September 14, 2011 for the 350th anniversary of the opening of the Moscow Irkutsk gate. The original look of the gate was restored by old photos and written descriptions, as it does not save the drawing. Poles are located inside the gate spiral staircases that connect the room. At the top of the observation deck on the one hand a view of the Angara, on the other — of the city.











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