Restoration of the Soviet Union to be completed by 2014

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In fact, it is about restoring the nuclear icebreaker "Soviet Union", which will start in 2012 and be completed by 2014:


As the Deputy General Director of FSUE "Rosatomflot" state corporation "Rosatom" operating fleet Andrei Smirnov, fuel from the icebreaker "Russia" will last until 2013, the maximum — up to 2014, after which the icebreaker will overload. In this regard, the next program starts in 2012 to restore the nuclear icebreaker "Soviet Union", in order to bring it into operation when the "Russia" will be on the long repair and reloading.

In 2011, the major cost "Atomflota" occurred in the fuel icebreaker "Vaygach" and "Yamal". The next major unit costs will be for the "Soviet Union." "Each area is worth more than 300 million rubles. Accordingly, 700-800 million rubles will go only for fuel for the "Soviet Union", — said the deputy general director of "Atomflota." Thus, including the cost of repairs, the total amount for the restoration of an icebreaker will be about one billion rubles.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Soviet Union" project "Arctic" was laid at the JSC "Baltic Shipyard", launched on 31 October 1986 and in 1989 was put into operation. Technical characteristics of the atomic icebreaker "Soviet Union":

Length — 147.9 m
Width — 29.9 m
Depth — 17.2 m
Displacement — 21,120 tons
Type the main installation — nuclear turboelektricheskaya
Power of the main set — 75 thousand hp
Maximum speed in clean water — 20.8 knots

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