Restored salmon population in the river Narva

Natural population of salmon river. Narva has been lost as a result of construction in 1955 in the lower reaches of the River Narva hydroelectric power station dam. Currently, the population of salmon in the river. Narva exists and is supported entirely by hatchery.
To save and restore the population of the Baltic salmon, in the execution of the state task the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources, in the spring of this year, Narva hatcheries were produced yearlings issues of this kind of fish in the river. Narva, in the amount of 138,000 shares. 

On September 4 this year, with the Narva hatchery FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" are produced in editions of the Narva River-plan for Baltic salmon fry. Total plant is scheduled to release in September from 30,000 to 50,000 pieces of juveniles, according to assistant manager of Northwest Territorial Directorate of Fisheries.

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