Results and plans of the airport Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg)

Last year for the Yekaterinburg airport "Koltsovo" was marked by an important event: the management company has completed the first phase of reconstruction of the terminal domestic flights and launched a cargo terminal.

Airport "Koltsovo" in 2012, he completed a number of major projects: the opening of a new cargo terminal, completed the reconstruction of the station square and the domestic terminal.

The first phase of the reconstruction of the terminal had a total enrollment was completed in December 2012, about a year were working on the unification of the existing terminal to the first international, as delivered in 2005 and decommissioned in 2009 in connection with the delivery of the new terminal of international airlines. Under the first phase of the renovation at the airport were arranged new reception passengers increased baggage handling area, expanded moved from the first to the second floor area of examination. The cost of the reconstruction project was about 1 billion rubles.

Work on the reconstruction of the terminal continues. Soon to be launched into operation a new hall superior in the terminal for domestic airlines and space for aircraft crews. "Briefing" for flight personnel will combine all the procedures related to the medical examination, meteokonsultatsiey, air navigation services. In the spring of 2013, all construction work will be completed eventually.

As a result of a complete renovation of the terminal area will increase from 23 to 44 thousand square meters, will increase its capacity: on the flight 1080 passengers per hour, arriving at 720, will increase the number of check-in counters from 14 to 22 gates — from 9 to 10. Earn hall for transit passengers with their registration and inspection technology.

The new cargo terminal was launched in test mode operation in June 2012. The volume of investments in its construction in the first phase amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. The developer of the project was made by the German company Hochtief Airports. Now the terminal supply area is rated as a two-time. According to the plans of the management company, this year, the terminal should handle about 26 million tonnes of cargo.

More than 1.5 times the station square has been increased, resulting in her capacity reached 740 cars, including 44 seats in the immediate vicinity of the terminals for car people with disabilities. Also at the airport was organized system of long-term parking lot for 900 cars. Investment in the reconstruction of Station Square amounted to about 150 million rubles. As noted in the management of the airport, this amount of parking spaces as long as the maximum, to expand the airport land is no longer possible. Now the management company is considering the prospect of building a multi-level park, which will be directly connected to Terminal pedestrian gallery.

Railway same to the City at the airport did not develop a plan. The result of the previous work has shown that the train to the airport was used by a 100 passengers per day, despite the fact that between the city and the airport are up to eight pairs of flights. The airport administration connects with a low volume of traffic near the terminal arrangement. At the moment, according to the airport management, train mainly used by employees of the airport, so finally abolish it will not.

From 2018 to 2022 the airport will be built 22 thousand sq.m. buildings and structures. Funding for the second phase of construction will be 800 million. Modern Freight Infrastructure will increase the volume of cargo in Koltsovo in 2030 to 79.4 thousand tons, which is more than 2.5 times higher than the volume in 2012 (about 25 tons).


The airport currently has two runways. One practically operated and a reserve. Airport alone keeps it in usable condition, and can use it in the summer when working on the main runway. The main strip length of 3 km at the moment assigned to the first category of ICAO, but the category should be increased in the near future: the second phase of the reconstruction of the runway system will get improved lighting equipment. In addition to the general plan of the airport, depending on the volume of passenger traffic provides for the construction of another independent runway, the airport will get it in the case of Yekaterinburg in the exhibition "EXPO-2020".

In addition, this year’s apron areas will increase the number of aircraft stands from 53 to 75-80. Now there is a correction of this project are: terms of reference was made in the period 2005-2006, since the requirements have changed.

Substantial funds in 2012 were spent on the renewal of the special vehicles, and developing a system providing perimeter security. Enter the system is scheduled in May. Another major project that is going to implement a "Koltsovo" in the near future, the construction of a hangar for storage and repair of aircraft. Its area should reach 2.5 million square meters.

We have an understanding of airport management, where you can organize alternative refueling complex, but the interested parties for the project has not yet found. However, documents on the possibility of building a refueling were sent to municipal and regional authorities, they say in the manual airport. Now the cost of aviation fuel at the airport is no different from the average market, and is about 33 thousand rubles per ton.

Air Freight

Airport "Koltsovo" in 2013 should maintain its steady fifth place in terms of passenger traffic and runway operations. During 2012 the airline increased the number of passengers by 12.7% to 8% increase in the number of flights, cargo — by 4%. Profit compared to 2012 did not significantly increase in airport management expect a figure of 600-700 million.

However, the volume of passenger traffic at the airport continue to increase. This year, the airport will come two foreign player: "Ukraine International Airlines" with three flights a week to Kiev and Alitalia with three flights a week to Rome. While the Italian flights will be tied to foreign regional areas.

The management company is counting on the return of the departed from the airport with the carrier Air China flights to Beijing. At the request of the company’s management, the carrier has stopped flights to Yekaterinburg in the low-margin, but "Koltsovo" believe that in the summer of Air China will resume flights in this direction. Do not forget that Air China generated and 15-16 tons of freight in each passenger flight.

Continue to grow and indicators on domestic and inter-regional traffic. In 2012, to / from the airport started flights on three new domestic routes: the November, Terrible and Kogalim. In areas of regional airlines to date none of the aircraft exceeded the level of 50%.

The manual "Koltsovo" remind us that bought the aircraft ERJ-120, which operates under the control of the airport company "Rusline": the main objective of the program was to show officials and air carriers that Regional, the demand is. Now the company continues to develop regional routes, offering substantial discounts to airlines that want to work in new directions.

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