Results firing in Avacha Gulf

Target (decommissioned ship) was struck by the joint impact of RCC coastal complexes Redoubt, destroyer "Fast" and the atomic submarine "Tver". The results recorded from the board of IL-38.

This past weekend in the Avacha Bay off the south-east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula ships and submarines of the Pacific Fleet practiced rocket and reflect massive air attack, according to news agency "Kam24. "

The exercises, in addition to the destroyer "Quick" and coastal systems "Redoubt" from the Primorye and Kamchatka, was involved nuclear submarine "Tver". As the head of information security press service of the Eastern Military District Roman Martov, for firing anti-aircraft crew observed the aircraft IL-38, which recorded four precise hitting the target.

The role of the decommissioned naval decoy ship, on which almost simultaneously attacked cruise missile destroyer "Quick", the atomic submarine "Tver" and coastal complexes "redoubt."

Rocket fire began the next stage of large-scale exercises, which started August 9, 2013. In total, these maneuvers involving more than 50 warships and support vessels, about thirty aircraft and helicopters, involved more than 15,000 military and civilian personnel.

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