Results for the first quarter of 2013 presented the Minister of Economy of Buryatia Tatiana Dumnova

  • Buryatia Ministry of Economy announced the first results of the WTO

— Experts speculated that the Russian market will flood flow of goods, but it has not happened — she said.
By 9% this year, the import of meat from Mongolia. At the level of last year is the import of fruits and vegetables. But, according to economists, to sum up on this category of products is premature. Ahead of the summer, when the volume of imported fruits and vegetables may increase significantly. But China has added significantly to the import of textiles and shoes. In all, the share of imports of this line was 3%.

Tomatoes, pineapple, grapes and figs are imported to Buryatia in the previous volume, but the import of tea and cabbage was on the national market anymore. In this case, changing prices for some products. Especially noticeable rose onions and garlic from China. On fruit prices increased by 5%, as now they began to import more from Poland.

Imported meat on the market Buryatia still holds 30%, poultry — 50%, milk — 25%, fish — 7%, confectionery products — 2%, and vegetable oil — 1%.

— To draw conclusions about the effects on structural shipments yet. We will summarize a year of Russia’s membership in the WTO in August. For each product group we are monitoring and August are willing to provide information. In addition, we are waiting for the next round of reduction of duties on imported goods — August 22. While the reduction in tariffs affected a small portion of the imported goods, — said Tatiana Dumnova. — Foreign trade turnover exceeded $ 1 billion. Exports rose by five times due to increased deliveries of helicopters and coal.

While invisible and losses to the economy in the area of agro-industrial complex. Recall, the experts predicted a significant reduction in state support and the emergence of low-cost but low-quality goods. However, the Russian government has developed measures of state. In the past year, the amount of inflows totaled 180 billion rubles. This year, that figure has added an additional 42 billion rubles.

Recall that direct agricultural subsidies in the new year for the state replaced the per hectare of crops and for one liter of milk produced. Thus, the volume of injections from the state in agriculture has remained the same.

— To say that Russian agriculture throws for no reason. Buryatia is a region of green basket and ranked sixth in the list of subjects with risk in agriculture. So we can use the support without restrictions. The volume of state support will be doubled. This does not contradict the principles of the WTO, — said the head of the economic department.

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