Results from Ufa scientists attracted worldwide attention

In Ufa was the II International Congress of Nanotechnology. Like the first, it was held under the motto "From science to innovation." This year it was attended by more than 250 researchers, 50 of whom were from foreign research centers. It is noteworthy that almost half of the participants came to the forum for the first time.

Photo: Alexander Danilov
Photo: Alexander Danilov

One of the leading scientists in the field of nanotechnology — Professor of the University of Southampton (UK), head of a research center of the University of California (USA), Terrence Langdon — explained by the fact that the topic of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the world is becoming more urgent.

The interest of researchers focused on what is being done in Ufa, — Said Professor Langdon. — After all, here is the first and only World Institute for Metals Superplasticity of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials at Ufa State Aviation Technical University. It is here that the study conducted, the results of which are interested in the whole world.

The Congress, by tradition, the III International Symposium held BNM «Bulk nanostructured materials" — hence, the main topic of round tables and plenary lectures were again nanomaterials. In particular, nanotitan, "recipe" which found Ufa scientists, and its application in various fields.

If you look around, you will see how much is made of metal. But all this can be done from nanometals, the material of the future, — The director of the Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials USATU professor Ruslan Valiev. — But for this to happen, a person should turn to science industrials. Unfortunately, the first in the production of scientific advances are being introduced abroad. For example, the same Ufa nanotitan willing to use for the development of renewable energy in Germany. With the use of implants made nanotitan abroad for more than four thousand operations, and we have — only five.

This is not the only problem faced by scientists on the way of their inventions. During the four days of the Congress, they discussed a number of pressing issues, and not just highly specialized. Among them — the commercialization of high technology, problems and prospects mnogourovnevnogo education in the field of nanotechnology in Russia. Particular attention was also paid to the development and prospects of development of the national nanotechnology center.

Gulnaz Danilova, Ufa, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

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