Results of 2011: growth of the Russian IT-market

The head of the Ministry of Communications of Russia Igor Shchegolev held a meeting with reporters, where summed up in 2011 and talked about the plans of the Ministry in the near future.


According to Igor Shchegolev, in 2011, the market of information technologies has increased by 14.6% — up to 649 billion rubles. The increase in the IT market in 2011 was due to significant growth in the market of software and IT services. According to forecasts, in 2013 the market of information technologies will cross the bar at 800 billion rubles. The total number of personal computers in Russia at the end of this year, according to forecasts Ministry of Communications, was 74.4 million units, ie increase by almost 20% compared with 2010

The number of Internet users among the Russians this year increased by 5.4% — up to 70 million people, of whom 55 million are in the network is active.

In 2013, this figure could reach 90 million people. Compared with 2010, the rate has decreased, but the audience continues to grow. The minister also said that Russia in the past year managed to take first place in the number of Internet users in Europe. In the past year, the country is among the top ten countries and the development of broadband Internet access.

The volume of the communications market in 2011 is expected to reach 1.438 trillion rubles, which is 6.1% higher than last year. The last years of the fixed line market is saturated and consumers change their preferences towards the use of IP-telephony and mobile communications, the share in the total volume of communication services is 44.4%. According Schegoleva, despite the fact that mobile communication has long passed the peak of its popularity, the number of cell phones with SIM cards in the country increased by 9.3% in the past year to reach 260 million units. "So it’s almost two connected device per person," — said the Minister. Because of the development of mobile communications and fixed-line communications market saturation decreased and the number of fixed telephones — from 31.4 units per 100 people in 2010 to 31.1 pieces in 2011.

The head of the Ministry of Communications reported that work is continuing on the digitalization of communication lines, building new and modernizing existing ones. Constructed of fiber-optic communication lines shall be equipped with advanced technologies, which increased their capacity and provide consumers with high-quality services.

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