Results of implementation of the state defense order in 2011 and Outlook for 2012


According to the first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov, in 2011 the volume of defense contracts amounted to 552.3 billion rubles and 168.9 billion rubles have been obtained commercially in the form of loans under state guarantee. In the battle was 30 ICBMs, two spacecraft, 21 aircraft (Su-27SM, Su-34, An-140 and Su-35s), 82 helicopters (Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8 MTV-5, Ka-52, Mi- 35M, Mi-28A), surface combat ship project 22380 and 8571 units of vehicles. It should be noted that the calling digit delivery ICBM Sukhorukov said that it was a missile, "Topol-M" and "Yars". If his statement is no error, and in figure 30 does not include sea-based missiles, in particular, regularly bought "Blue," we are talking about a higher than previously estimated, the production of ICBMs for SRF. It should be recognized that while the figure needs to be clarified.

As regards the "Bulava" Sukhorukov said it expected a presidential decree and the adoption of a long-term contract for the purchase of these missiles.

At the 2012 state defense order under the Defense Ministry should reach 732.49 billion rubles, another 176 billion will go to the company in the form of loans under state guarantee. On competitive bidding will be concluded only a small part of the contracts in the amount of 184.6 billion rubles. In addition, the Defense Ministry will sign contracts with single suppliers to 156.9 billion rubles. Be made, a number of major contracts for a period up to 2020. In particular, the contracts for the delivery of S-300V4 (delivery expected in early 2013), the MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB (of 28 pieces 2020), Yak-130 (an additional contract for 10 units), and the construction of a series of subs "Northwind". In the SDO 2012 included an order for 60 armored vehicles, "Lynx", collected in Voronezh from kits supplied by IVECO. The troops will also receive one battalion of S-400.  

At the expense of funding GOZ 2012 already listed companies 60 billion rubles. Sukhorukov said that based on the requirements of the Russian legislation to begin funding the order for the relevant year only in the same year, really — no earlier than January 13-14. He noted that the advance payment contracts may reach 80% of the amount, and for particularly important and complex projects — 100%.

Sukhorukov praised the progress of work on light and medium drones, which are conducted "Transas" and "Falcon", expressing the hope that the developers will observe the terms stipulated agreements with the Ministry of Defence.

In subsequent years, the SDO through the Ministry of Defence will continue to grow in 2013, he (including loans under state guarantee) will be 1.24 trillion rubles, in 2014 — 1.5 trillion rubles in the future up to 2020 about 2 trillion rubles a year. SDO under the Ministry of Defense is 83% of the total defense contracts, customers who are 33 Russian authorities.

Quality problems. 

Sukhorukov said that last year it was the fault of the performers frustrated the implementation of 84 contracts totaling more than 40 billion rubles. In particular, suppliers disrupted delivery times in troops godovnoy submarine "Ash" (delivery postponed to 2012), BDK Project 11711, Su-27SM3 and Su-35s (KNAAPO), Su-34 (Novosibirsk plant them. Chkalov), torpedoes USET-80 ("Dagdiesel"), helicopters ANSAT-U (Kazan Helicopter Plant). Not in terms of time of repair 3 units ("Star"), repair of MiG-31B ("Falcon"), as well as repair the Tu-95MS.

In all penalties imposed on violators.

Sukhorukov said the tightening of the suppliers of the Defense Ministry. In particular, the growing scale of reclamation work — so in 2010 the Ministry of Defence has filed 6,889 claims for defense products (up by 20% compared to 2009), in 2011 — 7119 (an increase of 3%). The growing number of complaints due to two factors — on the one hand the problems with product quality defense, on the other — with a growing insistence Defense. Sukhorukov said that the statements of representatives of industry, the related problem of the quality of the reduction in their enterprises of the military office, groundless. Military Spec can not be a substitute for a quality management system, which should be available at each facility, he said. Sukhorukov mentioned problems with the quality of the delivered in 2011, Ka-52 helicopters, which were promptly addressed by the manufacturer.

Relationships and the Ministry of Defense Industry Sukhorukov said that the Defense Department is set for defense industry profitability on their own salaries at 20%, the accessories produced by co-operatives — 1%. This approach, in particular, has lowered the cost of one set of Brigadier "Iskander-M" by 24.4% to 9.9 billion rubles. Pricing issues involved in a specially created within the Department of Defense. Referring to the problems of the enterprises in the industry, Sukhorukov pointed to the preparation of the Federal Target Program of DIC total 3 trillion rubles. He noted that develops a plan provides for adjusting the level of self-sufficiency element base for electronics up to 60% by 2016.

In general, from his words implied that the Defense Department can not and does not intend to take on the challenge of a technologically and economically troubled defense industry, waiting for action in this matter on the part of government structures are suitable. Defense Ministry has concluded a number of contracts with manufacturers of ammunition. Under the contracts, minobrony

buys ammunition industry provided that they make twice the amount of ammunition for disposal. But thus succeeded in 2011, disposed of only 180,000 tons of ammunition, while the need for recycling is about 2 million tons a year. 1.9 million tons of ammunition with expired shelf lives were destroyed in 2011 by blasting. Speech by Deputy Minister outlined Vasily Kashin

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