Results of OJSC IEMZ Dome for 2012

In the factory of the newspaper "IEMZ" cupola "Number 2/2013published the results of the company for 2012.In February, the company held a meeting, which summed up the results for 2012. The results of the director for management and marketing of OA Kardapolov. In this article — the main points of his report.

The state defense order is executed on time and in full. Executed contracts for foreign customers. In 2012, production of the company were held following the most important works: — modernization of air defense system "Osa-AKM1" during the overhaul — product upgrade "Thor" — developing a simulator — completion of the project HRG products to the requirements of the policy on zakazchika.Gramotnaya foreign markets and the corresponding attention of foreign countries in our products contributed to a lot of talks and meetings. So, last year, on its territory, we took a delegation of representatives of the five countries with the aim of studying our technology and production capacity, as well as the acceptance of our products.

Production plan is made by 100%. The growth rate over the same period in 2011 — 179%. The share of production for the Ministry of Defense in the total amount is more than 50%. The volume serial production of civilian products totaled 229 million rubles., The growth rate over the same period in 2011 — 98%.
The plan for the implementation of commercial products for the year 2012 is made of 100%. The volume of sales as a whole amounted to 9 billion 584 million rubles. The growth rate over the same period in 2011 — 173%. Share of machinery in total sales volume of more than 90%. Export is slightly greater than the actual implementation of the plan (100.3%) — due fulfillment of the plan to provide services to foreign customers.

Also provides information about the visit to the company commander of ground forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkina. During his stay at the JSC "IEMZ" Dome "Commander of the Land Forces visited the test site business, where he demonstrated the operation of the combat vehicle" Tor-M2 (U) "for the detection and tracking of the UAV" Kungur. " After Colonel-General personally tested military equipment in action, he praised the performance characteristics of the complex, while noting that in this class, it has great features and benefits that determine the selection for the national army, in particular on the number of simultaneously shoot down targets which is essential for massive raid of precision weapons.

Then V. Chirkin took part in the workshop, where she was provided with detailed presentation of the enterprise with increasing production rates and produced special equipment on it. Commander in Chief briefed on the successful fulfillment of the state defense order, directions upgrade anti-aircraft missile system "Osa" and the prospects of a package in the army.

The main report was presented during the development of new products — anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2" and its modifications on tracks ("Thor — M2U"), on a wheeled chassis ("Thor m2K") and modular ("Thor -M2KM "), and later, in the main assembly area general manager IEMZ" Dome "Vasiliev showed their guests a full-scale specimens. The Commander in Chief welcomed the new simulator for complex environmental chambers, where the test equipment in conditions of temperature ranging between minus 50? C to +50? C, visited the areas of antenna assembly trigger and final product assembly.

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