Results of Olympic qualifying students’ Hope Energy

in GC "FTA"

January 27, 2013 at the headquarters of GC "Special Systems and Technologies" was held qualifying stage of the Contest pupils’ Hope Energy "for students grades 7-11. Stage of the Contest "Hope energy" was first held in the city of Mytishchi and aroused great interest among the students. Test your knowledge of physics came 109 students of mathematics — 120.

Students come to the Olympic Games in Moscow and Sergiev Posad, but the vast majority of the participants were from Myt schools and high schools. The most active were students MBOU "Secondary school number 6," MBOU ‘Grammar School number 16, "MBOU" Secondary school number 27 "and Sfax" High School number 15. "

At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, with a greeting and parting words to participants were: CTO "FTA" AA Proshin, Advisor to the General Director of "FTA" NN Khrenkov and Deputy General Director of "FTA" Personnel AV Larina. Qualifying stage of the Contest "Hope Energy" held faculty of the National Research University "MEI" NG Baht, an assistant professor of physics and technology of electrical materials and components and AA Barat, Assistant Professor of General Physics and Nuclear Fusion.

Qualifying stage of the Contest "Hope Energy" was held with the support of the Office of Education Administration Mytischinskogo municipal area. Active participation in the organization of the event was the Deputy Chief of the VN Yermolayeva and Head of the Department of General Education, NM Grechanaya. Considerable assistance in the Olympics had the director MBOU "Secondary school number 14" N. Matyushkina and vice. school director for administrative work, TA Kolobkova.

Organizers noted the relevance of the qualifying stage the Olympic Games "Hope Energy" at Mytischinskaya school, and agreed that the conduct of the Contest at the site of the Civil Code "FTA" should be done regularly.

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