Results of the BaselCementPikalyovo in 2011

In 2011, "BaselCementPikalyovo" produced over 252 thousand 924 tons of alumina and obtained more than 2 million limestone, which is 57% more productive than in 2010. Counterparties Pikalevo site to increase the supply, "Pikalevskaya soda" shipped 1,222,000 314 cubic meters of carbonate solution (6% more than in 2010), "Pikalevsky cement" sent 1.3 million tons of sludge (15% more than in 2010).


According to the general director of "BaselCementPikalyovo" Dmitry Nikolaev, like manufacturing advances have been made possible thanks to the investments in the modernization of production (from autumn 2010 invested more than 500 million rubles) and the introduction of the factory of the "Lean Manufacturing." In 2011, the various parts of alumina shop sold more than a hundred of measures aimed at cutting costs, reducing lost work time, to create a safe working environment and improving the quality of working conditions.
In addition, the average wage for "BaselCementPikalyovo" increased by 18.77% compared to the same period last year and in December was about 27 thousand rubles. Personnel expenses in 2011 amounted to more than 900 million rubles. Most spent on the indexation of wages and social programs.
In accordance with the collective agreement for employees of the company in 2011 received care in the institutions of St. Petersburg, Tikhvin, Boksitogorsk, Pikalevo under the voluntary health insurance made between "BaselCementPikalyovo" and a medical insurance company.

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