Results of the exhibition CSTB-2012: Russia on the brink of a new technological leap

Finished in Moscow International Exhibition "CSTB-2012", in which more than 600 companies from 28 countries presented their latest achievements and developments in telecommunications and ICT. Traditionally, in the course of the exhibition were summed up and the main development priorities identified telecom industry in the near future.  

Key topics discussed on forums and conferences held in the exhibition, were security issues in the information sphere, the problem of the digital divide, the prospects for the use of cloud services, provision of e-government services, the development of LTE networks, and broadband Internet access. Among the priorities for the near term has been designated the need to encourage the development and production of domestic modern telecommunications equipment and software.

Telecom equipment manufacturers, system integrators and telecom operators presented their latest technological advancements and developments. This year the exhibition was saturated by the prime number, especially in the field of LTE-technology and information security. The exposition also presents solutions for the situation centers, system-112, Intelligent transport systems, mobile commerce.

 "The exhibition" CSTB "once again confirmed its status as the largest review of high technology. The unique design and the latest technological solutions, to present the domestic companies, the full support of the industry by the government, "lifts" for young innovators, the development of technology parks and techno — this whole combination of factors leads to the conclusion that Russia today is on the brink of a technological leap, "- comments on the results of the exhibition’s press service NGO RIC-Systems.  


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