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Ltd. "Dara", offering fogging systems, sums up the XI International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry «EXPOHORECA», which took part. The exhibition was held from 1 to 3 March 2013 in St. Petersburg.  
Ltd. "Dara" implements fogging systems for cooling and humidification. The exhibition showcased the fogging system COOLTUMAN. The systems offered under the trade name of DARA, is a complex set of pumps, generators and filters. The pump unit operates at high pressure and produces an aerosol which serves as cooling medium. Management is carried out by means of the computer unit.
Proper installation of the system can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The company carries out installation work force of professional workers.
Misting system first appeared in the 1950s. Now this system is used for cooling and humidifying indoor and outdoor spaces, industry, agriculture, cooling products in supermarkets, as well as to create a comfortable environment for home and leisure. Recently, misting systems have become available to the general public, and fog effects are becoming more common in everyday life. Fogging systems have found their way into cafes and restaurants in the city of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar region.
At the exhibition, everyone could see the system in action and assess their capabilities.
«Cooltuman misting system offers the best performance in the field of street fogging and cooling, which allows you to use the system in a variety of fields. Our company offers you the most effective use of the capabilities of the system fogging for creating an enabling environment for you and your loved ones, "- said the head of the company Oleg Rozhkov.
Get expert professional advice, do the calculations and find the individual system by contacting a specialist company.
Information about the company
Ltd. "Dara", offers equipment for fogging. Cooling mist becoming a popular way to ensure optimal temperature and humidity in an open area. The plants can be used in industry and everyday life. Official site

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