Results of the GSKB Concern PVO Almaz-Antey in 2012

In the first issue for 2013 of the corporate newspaper "Boom" published of "Head System Design Bureau Concern PVO" Almaz — Antey "Academician AA Raspletina" (GSKB), published an article on the results of GSKB in 2012. It reports that "obtaining the status of head developer of air defense, missile defense, GSKB" Almaz-Antey "has assumed ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the tasks in this direction. Undoubtedly, one of the main ones is to perform in accordance with contracts signed with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and at their own expense research and development (R & D and R & D) for new topics aimed at creating weapons systems for the benefit of the aerospace defense of Russia. "
According to the article, "in 2012, the main priority works that characterize scientific and technical activities GSKB were:

• Improvement of S-400 "Triumph";
• Development of the modernized S-400 "Triumph";
• Development of cross-species system based on S-400 "Triumph", ZRAS "polyment-Redoute" and SAM "Buk-M3";
• Development of cross-species protection facilities;
• Research and development of a prototype air-based laser system to counter the infrared region of the spectrum intelligence assets on the ground, sea, air and space;
• establishing a system for the Navy 3K96;
• Product Development 97L6;
• modernization of the defense of Moscow. "

Total in 2012 on the basis of tenders, contracts for a 3 and 4 of OCD research. These works are carried out by order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Full swing delivery of technology Defense Ministry. In 2012, at the Kapustin Yar handed over to the two sets of regimental S-400 "Triumph" with the performance of firing at targets. Shown good results attest to the success of members of the development team of S-400 "Triumph", the service center employees GSKB just nzhenernogo and technical staff, who participated in the preparations for the transfer of "chetyrehsotke" to the troops.

There is a close interaction with the command of parts SMP Air Force and ASD to simulate the operation and operational use of S-400 "Triumph" and other military equipment, resulting in a successful start-ups, performed at the site Ashuluk in March during a training-methodical gathering of leading and officials of the associations and connections of the Air Forces of Russia, a joint air-and-burn conference management team of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in August during the the third stage of tactical exercises with live firing conduct, which was attended by crews of S-400 "Triumph" air defense missile regiment deployed in Dmitrov near Moscow.

Intense and fruitful work carried out during the year by all structural units GSKB.

In the SEC "MNIIP" made the work of the research "Ukazchik — HF" and "Selection", the work carried out in the framework of advanced OCD. OCD started "The foundation-MA" to establish on the basis of rolling KSA "foundation-M" item Air Controllers (work carried out at their own expense of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "). SEC staff developed proposals for a comprehensive test-bench simulating aerospace defense system, measures were taken to implement the proposals of the State Commission on the state tests of S-50M.

During the year, produced and delivered to the troops kits KSA "foundation-M" KSA "Crimea", as well as stationary KSA "foundation" in the volumes prevyschayuschih supply of yesteryear. In addition to all the specialists of the company is a regular manual calculations help combat brigades Central ASD group in the operation and operational use of ACS ‘Baikal-1M ".

SEC "Altair", being a parent in GSKB by complexes and sea-based systems in 2012, continuing the work begun in the structure of "MNIIRE" Altair ". First of all, it’s OCD, and participation in the supply of production samples of the main themes NTC — ed. 3K96 and SAM "Calm 1".

On the topic of 3K96 in 2012 completed a significant amount of work that allows you to speak with confidence about the end of the 2013 trial edition. 3K96-3 aboard the 20380 samples and delivery of this product, the Navy, as well as making a preliminary bench tests, the delivery of the sample ed. 3K96-2 on the lead ship of Project 22350, its assembly and testing.

By category SAM "Calm-1" in 2012 STC "Altair" works on export supply spare parts for ship design and commissioning of 17, adjustment and testing (including full-scale) on the ships of the Republic of India (Project 11356 — 2 ships and 17 — the third ship). Have been implemented: the delivery of the export an additional set of spare parts for ships of project 11356 (1-3 corps), the binding of SAM to the ship of Project 11356 (7-9 corps).

In 2012, the SEC "Altair" successfully completed the creation of KIMS contours air defense and antisubmarine in vivo of "Northern Design Bureau" and held the first (poster) phase MVI circuits in which information system development KPVO SEC "Altair" for the ship of Project 22350 is fully confirmed the specifications stated in the TTZ.

The staff of STC "Altair" in 2012 was put standalone module short ranges (AMC) "bending", which in the course of state tests of small artillery ship project 21630 has once again proved its high performance.

On a number of vehicles (including exports) posed system of EMC ship RES implemented its binding and conducted commissioning.

In the past year, the scientific community SEC "Altair" took an active part in a number of scientific and technical conferences on sectoral and cross-sectoral themes, presenting listeners his reports and speeches. In general we can say that the SEC staff "Altair" successfully completed the year, has achieved decisive results and prepared the ground for the successful implementation of production and research agenda of SEC in 2013.

For SEC "NIIRP" past 2012 was also a very busy both in terms of work performed, as well as the framework for their implementation. Of course, the main content of the work has been focused on the main theme of STC "NIIRP"
associated with the modernization of Moscow ABM system. Sufficiently large volume also made for another clip.

October 16, 2012 at the Sary-Shagan successfully conducted full-scale operation and treatment complex missile defense. October 26, 2012 carried wiring two radar complexes complex ballistic target.
This shows the success of the SEC "NIIRP."

Very important for a missile defense system complex integrated experimental work. After a long break, which lasted more than 20 years, was put into orbit a satellite with on-board equipment developed by STC "NIIRP" to check the radar. Based on an unmanned aerial vehicle built simulation and testing facility for checking the technical characteristics of high-potential information of missile defense, which in 2012 was deservedly awarded the prize named after Academician AA Raspletina. This complex has been successfully used at the test site for training funds to costly full-scale works.

Considerable effort has gone into the development of the experimental test facility used for the development of advanced systems and aerospace defense systems, a restored landfill complex missile defense system, conducted reconnaissance work for preparation and flight test a promising new set of ASD.

SEC "NIIRP" also solves the problem of ensuring the operation and maintenance of combat readiness funds missile defense system of the city of Moscow. Formed for this purpose in 2012, the department ensures that all planned activities as acting defense system and its pattern of polygons. Highly qualified specialists of the department provided the testing of warheads missiles with radar, as well as support systems restored landfill sample missile defense system to a level that allows the missile launch.

As part of the modernization of the existing missile defense system are introduced unique complexes that allow visually in real-time monitoring of technological processes, conducting combat operations calculations
Operators of military units, a video control processes and make adjustments in the event.

One of the most important activities is GSKB advertising and exhibition activities. In the course of its implementation of our employees are developing businesses at international exhibitions and talks with foreign customers. During 2012, this was done in the SEC "NIEMI." With limited defense order is especially important to the activity center in the field of military-technical cooperation.

Anti-aircraft short-range missile systems have been widely used in the international market. The challenge now is the comprehensive modernization of the air defense system in the direction of their transfer to new components and expansion of TTX. Currently, there is an active struggle for the promotion of export anti-aircraft missile system long range. Experts SEC "NIEMI" participate in the presentation of this system in different parts of the world where countries — potential customers are showing interest in our technology.

The main results for the SEC "NIEMI" in 2012 can be considered as the completion of the state tests ed. 9K331M and successful field testing of air defense missile systems "Antey-2500" by firing on the real target.

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