Results of the largest Russian solar power

Russian Scientific and Technical Center of thin-film technologies in power at the Ioffe Institute. Joffe has published the results of monitoring of regional power plants operating on solar energy. A group of experts examined the annual performance of photovoltaic (solar) systems with total capacity of 350 kW.

The main objects of study are the largest solar plants in Russia with a remote monitoring system: roofing system on the building of the railway station of Anapa (installed capacity 70 kW) and a diesel-solar power plant in the Republic of Altai (100 kW), which supplied the equipment for the project company RUSNANO "Hevel" .

According to the findings of scientists, the real performance of the majority of the objects were higher by 20-40% of predicted values. For example, the specific electricity installation in Anapa was 1,336.34 kWh / kW, which is in line installations in Rome (Italy). In addition, solar power, placed on the roof of the station in Anapa, in the daytime self-sufficient in electric power station complex. 

According to scientists, the most interesting are the results of monitoring of diesel-solar power plant in one of the villages of the Altai Republic. Operation of battery power plants in the region with a high level of insolation has reduced the number of hours the diesel generators from 16 to 8 hours a day. Depending on weather conditions, solar power plant covers up to 60% of the electricity needs of the village. The combination of these factors has led to a reduction in diesel consumption by 40-50% from the previous level, providing a savings of 1.8 million.


Ltd. "Hevel" (a joint venture of the Group of companies "Renova" and JSC "RUSNANO") was founded in the summer of 2009 in order to develop solar energy in Russia and the subsequent withdrawal of the Russian high-tech products to foreign markets. Enterprise capacity of 130 MWpeak (More than 1 million solar modules per year) is located in the city of Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic. The company "Hevel" pays special attention to research work in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs and expand the applications of solar modules. To achieve these goals the company together with the Ioffe Institute. Joffe established the Scientific and Technical Center, which in December 2010 received the status of the innovation center "Skolkovo".

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