Results of the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) for the year 2012

2012 will go down in the history of the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB)

• as a "record" year in the number (43 commissioned ships designed by the Bureau) and the deadweight built ships (206,000 tons);

• as a "domestic" year, when the Russian shipyard passed 28 customers (65%) vessels designed by the Bureau;

• as a "tanker" year, which began operating 17 oil tankers of river — sea navigation projects RST27, RST25, RST22M;

• as the year in which construction was completed lifeguard unique capacity of 4 MW with ice category 5 Arc project MPSV07 "Lifeguard Karev" as long as it is the largest and most complex ship built for the budget of the Federal Program for the development of transport system of Russia (2010 — 2015);

• as a year in which first appeared in 1959 with a comfortable riverboat cruise ship project PV08 "Alexander Green" and was practically proven that Russian shipyards can build cruise ships;

• as the year of the completion of the series of dry cargo vessels and projects RSD44 DCV36 (with 10 ships in the series) and to market a new series of project RSD49.

There were built:

• 14 product tankers project RST27 (9 of which are on the Red Sormovo, the ninth — product tanker, chemical tanker, 5 at Oka Shipyard);

• 6 multi-purpose dry cargo sea vessels of DCV36;

• 1 multipurpose salvage vessel of unlimited navigation area of 4 MW with high ice class 5 Arc project MPSV07;

• 1 river cruise passenger ship with 112 passengers Class "M" project PV08;

• 3 shallow draft tug supply agent for the Caspian project TG05;

• 3 river icebreaking tug project TG04M;

• 2 supply vessel for Kamchatka project DCV47;

• 1 sea diving vessel of SDS08;

• 2 product tankers project RST25;

• 1 product tanker project RST22M;

• 2 multi-purpose dry cargo vessel of RSD49;

• 2 multi-purpose dry cargo vessel estuarine low air draft project RSD44;

• 1 multipurpose dry cargo vessel of RSD18;

• 1 steam railway project CNF10;

• 1 vessel for the carriage of livestock project LSC04;

• 2 non-propelled dry-cargo vessel of DCB23.

The ships were built in shipyards:

• Russia — 16 tanker, cargo ship 4, 3 tugs, 1 salvage vessel, one sea diving vessel, supply vessel 2, 1 passenger ship (of 28 vessels);

• China — 7 bulk carriers, 3 tug supply agent;

• Turkey — 1 tanker, 1 cattle, 1 ferry;

• Lithuania — two dry cargo barges.

Being completed afloat previously lowered:

• 2 multipurpose salvage vessel with a capacity of 4 MW of high ice class proektaMPSV07;

• 1 product tanker project RST22M;

• 3 product tanker project RST25;

• 2 product tankers project RST27;

• 3 multi-purpose dry cargo vessel of RSD18;

• 1 multipurpose dry cargo vessel of RSD49.


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