Resuscitation Service Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital has received

new equipment

As part of the modernization of health care in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Regional Hospital in March received 35 sets of modern ventilation (mechanical ventilation). The total acquisition cost was more than 37 million rubles.

The devices can operate in all modern modes of mechanical ventilation, allow you to track the most important indicators of the patient’s lungs, in addition, have the ability to pick their own ventilation parameters necessary individual patient, exercising respiratory support from a state of complete hardware control to move the patient‘s spontaneous breathing, told in the Ministry of Health Region .

 Physician anesthesiologist department neuroresuscitation Regional Clinical Hospital Gazenkampf Andrew explained: "This is a very important acquisition for the hospital. Success in the treatment of critically ill patients is largely dependent on the quality of respiratory support: adequate selection of the regime and ventilation parameters, minimization of complications associated with mechanical ventilation, high-grade monitoring of respiratory status. Our new devices meet all these requirements to the full. "

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