Retail sales in Ukraine increased by 16%



Turnover of retail trade in the country for the past year at constant prices increased by 15.9% compared to the year 2011, reports the State Statistics Service.

According to the Statistical Office, in nominal terms, retail turnover of goods in 2012 amounted to 804.3 billion USD.

State Statistics Committee said that in the first 11 months of 2012, Ukrainians began to buy in retail at 15.7%, in nominal terms amounted to 722.75 billion USD.

The largest increase in retail sales in 2012 compared to 2011 occurred in Lugansk (20.9%), Zaporizhia (19.7%), Donetsk (18.5%), Vinnitsa (18%), Odesa (17.8% ), Nicholas (17.7%) and Volyn (17.3%) regions.

In Crimea, the volume of retail sales last year grew by 19.7%, and Kiev — by 14.9%, Sevastopol — by 17.1%.

Leaders in absolute terms in the retail trade on the basis of 2012 steel Kiev (101.5 billion USD), Donetsk (82.6 billion USD), Dnipropetrovsk (61.4 billion USD), Kharkiv (56.5 billion USD), Odessa ( 50.1 billion USD), Lviv (36.2 billion USD) of the area of the ARC (36 billion USD).

Recall that according to the information of the State Statistics, the growth of retail sales in Ukraine in 2011 reached the level of 14.8%.


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