Retired Smolensk began to develop computer literacy


Elderly residents of Smolensk began to develop computer literacy as part of a social project "Internet for life and communication-2012." Today for classes started the first 48 pensioners.

Education is free and is designed for 600 residents. The same number of grandparents living in the towns and villages of the Smolensk region, and make friends this year with a computer and Internet. The regional government has organized these courses on behalf of Governor Sergei Antufeva. Classes will be held under the expanded program. This is due to the fact that from July 1, state and municipal services will be provided in electronic form.

"Already, in the Smolensk region converted into electronic form 30 services," — said corr. Itar-Tass Multifunctional Center for providing state and municipal services to the public, Alexander Glukharev. According to him, "the ability to access the web is especially important for older people because they are using a computer will be able, without leaving the house, to find the information they receive services — appointment with the doctor or pay a utility bill payments, just to communicate with relatives and friends. " There was a case where the listener such courses, a resident of the district center Repairings WWII veteran Nikolai Fyodorov was able to track down the Internet for information about his brother-who lives in the Gomel region of Belarus.

Education retirees work on the computer — socially important task that the regional government solves a long-term regional target program "Development of the information society and e-government in the Smolensk region."

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