Return of Locomotive


Start at the Higher Hockey League Yaroslavl waited. Waited as expected from a distant trip a loved one, as expected New Year — with a hope for a miracle, for the upgrade.
In such a situation, an extra ticket for the match itself was akin to New Year’s gift, which usually look under the Christmas tree. That’s only for those fans of "Locomotive", who just do not care about buying a treasured Kvitka on the first day of sales, do not have to look under the tree, and the dealers. The entire quota sold at the box office for four or five hours.

Upon learning that the stands will be sold out, trust Peter Vorobiev all the days that have been set aside to prepare for the game against the vice-champion of VHL, plowed for themselves and for the guy. On the day of the match the team joined the railway and three collections. Thank you teacher of Russian youth Valery Bragin for being released on the game Apalkova, Galimov and Kartaeva. Although the risk that some of the leaders of our national team before the World Cup being injured, was very great. Looking ahead, we say that Emil Galimov reporting the match and did not finish. In one of the episodes striker received a deep cut nose.

As for the visitors, the "Oilman" held before the meeting in Yaroslavl three away games. Naturally, the physical condition of Rishat Gimaeva guys were far from ideal. Also in the beginning of the meeting for both teams took to pull themselves out of even further moral standing. The fact is that before the start of a "tower" in Yaroslavl, of course, could not help but think of the lost team. The opening ceremony of the game turned into an impromptu requiem for the departed "Locomotive", which could not do without tears.

The first to come to the owners themselves, who were driven from the starting seconds ahead crowded grandstand. By the way would be to say that this evening was an absolute record attendance VHL and a half seasons of its existence — more than 9,000 spectators came to support young Yaroslavl squad. And she responded to his fans flashing, electrifying hockey.

Until the 14th minute tension hung over the ice like a thick fog, but shattered his sharp throw into the far top corner Dmitry Maltsev. Now the name of the striker with a symbolic name forever inscribed in the history of the Yaroslavl club as the author of the first puck revived team. And as if this washer spread her wings "Locomotive".

Guys who do not yet 20, rushed to the gate of a stranger to such breakneck speed that the silver medalist VHL just taken aback. Until the middle of the final third of the team Rishat Gimaeva was not found. No, the guests, of course, tried, but one effort in this situation was not enough. "Locomotive" razduharilis. In the second period exactly protivohod Galimov throws Yashin — 2:0. Third goal organizes Tankeev, which holds great power reception takes away the puck and puts it on the stick just Kapustin — 3:0. Next working combination Erdakov — Kruchinin — Akhmetov. First great majority have been played, and Erdakov drove back shell for the holder of the Gagarin Cup-2009. Hall went crazy! Hockey in Yaroslavl is back! Washer prestige of "Oilman" drowned in the roar of applause rapt "Arena-2000", Shangaraev — 4:1.

But the last word in this game according to the laws of the genre should have said "Locomotive". And he did it Alexei Kruchinin, alone spun the carousel at the gate Galimov. 5:1! Five minutes hall did not release their new idols applause. And the time to do a lap of honor and a common picture on the ice. And only then raced off to the locker room — to prepare for the next test. On Wednesday, Yaroslavl awaits the Volga "ARIADA."

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