Return of Physics

In nachale2000-xB Novosibirsk private money tried to make the business development of the defense of the Institute of Catalysis SB RAS — a safe atmosphere for the decontamination of chemical weapons. The result is a manufacturer of air purifiers "tion", who later settled in Technopark Akademgorodok, has managed to gain a foothold in the enterprise market, investments have to take a giant window CBF, develop and ensure the production and mass sales breathers — home air purifiers, air supply. As soon as all the manufacturers have managed it, then announced that they now will be engaged in the business of saving Russian schools from degradation — at least in terms of physics lessons. The director of "Tion" Dmitry Trubitcin explained to the reporter how it happened.

Company "tion", it company "Aeroservis," officials in the Novosibirsk region used to give an example of a local business based on the same local innovation that has brought development to the final consumer. As you progress now with the end user?

It should be clarified to make it clear: "tion" — that is our trademark, and we are now more likely to represent the client as a group of companies "tion." "Aeroservis" — is the original legal entity from which it all began. Our core business — this is still a development and production of complex cleaning and disinfection of air. Our niche — health facilities, we deliver the equipment being built and reconstructed in clinics all over the country — Independent, channel systems and laminar ceilings, which are used in operating rooms and intensive care areas. We continue to grow at a multiple of its launch in 2008.


Now we are 150 people, a revenue forecast this year — more than half a billion rubles in the past, it was almost two times less.


Forecast for next year — again a significant increase in revenue. It’s just something that concerns our mainstream — medical equipment.

Earnings forecast can uncover?

Like any company engaged in high technology products with a high degree of intellectual property, we make pretty good money. I do not have to give exact figures, because they depend on, for example, on whether we define profit before the funds are invested in development projects or development projects we refer to costs.

If you go back to the end user, but this year we have developed and launched the product in the segment of households. This breather "tion of O2" — a device that provides flow to the apartment cleaned of dust, exhaust, industrial emissions and heated to the desired temperature for a fully closed windows. The device solves the classic problem of the consumer: if the window is open, it becomes noisy, dirty and cold, if you close it becomes stuffy and humid.


As we expected, the product was in demand, and as a result we are faced with is not limited to sales, and production volumes.

You said that you put up production in China.

Yes, part of the production. Key elements we produce here — filters, high voltage sources, and so on.

However, all that does not include intellectual property, we have learned in China.

It’s free hand, increases productivity, in addition, in Russia a few places where they can, for example, a professional casting plastic.

Against the backdrop of financial success stories are you going to intangible business of education? What happened?

Our senses are: we climbed to the top for a long time, and here in front of us there was a valley features. You can do this segment of air purification, it is possible. Air — is the product consumed in the world. But to take advantage of these opportunities, we need people. For us, the main source of personnel — is the Department of Physics, Novosibirsk State University. And we have seen that the quality of graduates is reduced — and this is not an old man grumbling, here, they say, in our time was better — and objective indicators.

What is expressed in these objective measures?

They are less independent, they lack vision, they do not know how to organize their work. The point is not that they know the laws of Newton or do not know, but how do they know how to work, to understand the new subject, can quickly learn.

Began to understand the causes. It would seem that the Physics Department staff as cooking and preparing it, nothing has changed. But the quality and quantity of prepared applicants is reduced. Steel deal with the Abitur.

In our opinion, there are two reasons: the first — the number of hours in the teaching of physics, which are mainly reduced to two schools in a week, the second — is a physics teacher in the schools, many of which are not qualified and motivated. Often they are people of retirement age, looking at which the student does not have the slightest chance to understand that teaching physics can be fun and cool. In addition, there is evidence that two hours a week are almost indistinguishable from zero hours — schoolboy has no time to catch on and everyone forgets. A four o’clock — it is a dramatic improvement.

It is clear that simply attempt to solve their staffing problems, starting with a school, it looks crazy. Already one company personnel can somehow scrape together. But there is another reason — it’s just a fun project.

There is a third factor, it is rather personal. 20 years ago in Akademgorodok was still alive venture called Young Physicists Tournament.

These tournaments are run in parallel with school Olympiads, and were taught to solve open research, often poorly formalized the problem in terms of lack of information and lack of time to manage the team and projects.

And through this school 20 years ago was a noticeable part of the core of our team, and I among them. And now we realize that it was then that we have been taught the right approach, which we now use in our business.

Then this idea damped.

Yes, its ideologist Vladimir Shelest went to Germany. But a couple of years ago there was a team of associates that produced a group of guys, and they performed well at the All-Russian Olympiad. Then we thought that the idea to revive in Akademgorodok. And involved in the project.

The next logical step — mass provocation interest in students. This is a project to launch in the physics department of the school students who have provoked this interest. And the next step is to increase the leverage of the project — an organization of online distance education.

With the word "students" in the room appear state. Said that the state of your idea with the students?

About the Young Physicists Tournament support and the project "Students in the schoo
l," the regional government said: "whist." We got a hundred percent support from all stakeholders: the physics department and dean of the University of administration, and the unequivocal support of the Novosibirsk Ministry of Education and Science. Because if all goes well, in five years you can shut down problems with applicants for all technical universities of Novosibirsk. We arrived at ten schools, and ten of them said that they do exactly right.

the average salary is not enough teachers to Novosibirsk average for the region

And since the second quarter of 2013 2014uchebnogo year we serve five schools. If the year will be provided with the intended effect, the idea will be rolled out on a much larger number of schools.

After we tell them the idea, they say, "Hey guys, maybe even take biology?"

Which students will be taught and what students need it?

Basically it will be the Physics Department students, young scientists in part. These are strong guys, bouncy, coherent, in which student wants to be like. In fact, we’re not come up with anything new.

Barack Obama in the United States organized a training program for 100,000 new teachers who would provoke interest and taught would be better than what we have now. Where does he get them? This is a strong university students for whom a college education became free in exchange for teaching in the school. He is committed to $ 60 billion.

Why are our students interested? First of all, it’s just an interesting problem — sooner or later the man grows up to be transferred to other needs is what he has learned. The second is to tell — this is an important skill, which you can come in handy in many places.

Thirdly, the students will get paid for it ,5000-10 000rubley a month, despite the fact that from it would take about one day a week.

That is, the student has options. You can look for jobs in the restaurant, and you can teach children physics, understanding what’s behind this goal — to fix education in the region and in the country. Under the guidance of the best teachers who will prepare these students. Finally, students will receive some formal papers on pedagogical experience. Does it matter if you make a scientific career and settle in West University. Is a line in the summary adds much weight. The same MIT takes not for the number of scientific publications, and in many ways for such activity.

It will be all the same two hours a week?

Two hours of core classes and electives for those guys who have time to take an interest in the two hours.

Are not you afraid that the fading interest in physics at school — it is not only and not so much on the age and quality of teachers, but on the last glimpses of the decay of the Soviet Progressorist approach? I just finally formed the people who sat on the tube, and, according to surveys, the ideal employer is not called conditional Yandex, and the actual "Gazprom"?

The right question, but still students of the sixth to seventh grade, so do not even think. They have enough children and are committed to deliver. And if you show them that physics — it’s interesting, they will start dealing with it without any complex reflection of what is fashionable and what is not fashionable. Within the same class, you can create fashion for the study of physics.

Director Nicholas PMS Jaworski said enough occurrence in young school teacher cute, it began to appear participants contests.

That is the main problem is not the change of mentality in general, and in the fact that students do not see the example.

The next step, that is interactive speciation — this is a business. What is education? This lecture part of the solution and brainteasers. We have the best teachers. Let us write these video lectures. Gadgets are at all. And we can students anywhere in the country to give access to the best teachers of physics.

Part associated with the tasks, too, will be automated — there is a statement of the problem, and then you have some implicit or inherent in the task of reasoning on which the student can go. If he buries in difficulty, the system will prompt, the system suggests what knowledge it is not enough, the video shows or sets the probing questions. It is clear that there will be organized and set up a forum where students can ask questions to the teachers who will respond promptly.

Who will pay for these courses?

The lecture portion of the program on the school will be free and open, but part of the course with the simulator to solve brainteasers, which is vital for successful passage of the exam, will become part of the business. It will be a little money. For example, $ 100 a year.

On the Internet, there are trainers, but it’s nothing more than lists of problems over the past few years with the ability to verify that you have answered or not. What will we do? We use the need to pass the exam, to create a resource that will teach not only how to pass the exam, but also to teach physics — to teach better than if prepared somewhere else.

Launch date already?

It will take a year to fill the entire story right content. Therefore, in parallel with the teaching in the schools will be the generation content. A year later, this resource will be prepared to have to really teach physics. And in the next school year after the launch of plans to fight off all the investments. We have to aim at the entire Russian audience of schoolchildren. And if you do English language courses, the great need for this kind of education is and the Indians, and the Chinese.

The unpredictability of Russian policy, including educational policy, worry?

If we had tried to become an approved resource for all schools, of course, carried such risks, and so on. But we focus just on the children and parents who have formed a de facto requirement to pass exam. The place with the right reputation, but without an official status.

Continuing the theme of relations with the authorities. In June, Novosibirsk branch of Putin’s Popular Front have announced one of the seven co-founders of the movement in the region in its new format. How did you get there, and why?

There has been even more difficult. I was offered not only to be part of the seven co-founders, but also the position of one of the three co-chairs. This, in general, it was clear and somewhere flattering offer, which opened up opportunities for us for a tighter interaction with the state, and federal levels.

But for a number of reasons I had to give this proposal. The first reason — a wholly-time in the development of new business projects. And the second — I hope no one hurt, if I tell you — because we do business and communicate with a variety of customers, it is important for us political neutrality.

If you cease to be politically neutral — it is unlikely to help much, and in some cases can greatly hinder business.


And the third — near-political activity is not close to us now, and not interesting.

And what about the air cleaning?

In a business that is associated with the cleaning of the air, it is clear to us all, planned and systematically. We learned how to develop pieces of iron and learned to sell them. About cleaning the air we know everything. When it works, it becomes boring. The shareholders of our company spirit developers, innovators, we are interested in adventure and new solutions are constantly non-trivial task. And then the possibility of radical diversification of our activities with the opportunity for a much more rapid development and with the ability to respond to new social problems and, of course, making money.

This is a very strange precedent, if a company with a good margin and fold growth in turnover suddenly decides to go out of business. There is a suspicion that you have something to keep back and are afraid that you will throw out the market climate giants.

We’re not going to move away from business related to cleaning and disinfection of air. Moreover, within the core business, we plan to launch new products, air purification systems for cars, solutions for the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries. Just wondering from time to shift the focus.

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