Return of the Transfiguration celebrated and Semenov regiment

The names of famous Transfiguration and Semenov regiment will receive the 154th Separate curfew Regiment and the 130th separate brigade, which was created by the former Minister of the connection of the military police. The Defense Ministry assured that on May 9, they will take part in the Victory Parade under new names.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said the decision to assign the two military units honorary names of famous regiments of the past.


"In the Russian army two military units — 154-th separate commandant regiment and the 130th Motorized Rifle Brigade — will be awarded honorary titles respectively — Transfiguration and Semyonov shelves" — reportedRIA "Novosti"in the military.

Defense Ministry spokesman later clarified that Semyonov and Preobrazhensky regiments will take part in the Victory Day parade on Red Square. "The benches, which will be given the honorary title of Semenov and Transfiguration, will be held at the Victory Parade on May 9 with the changed names," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

He noted that at present is actively working on the development of heraldic symbols for military banners, badges and elements of the military uniforms of the military units.

In December of last year in the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian army is necessary to restore the tradition to maintain morale.

154th separate regiment curfew placed in Lefortovo is a garrison and guard duty in Moscow. Its structure includes a battalion of the Honor Guard, military personnel who are involved in carrying out the rituals, meeting and official government and military delegations. In addition, the regiment has engineers who clear of mines left over from the war explosives. Recruits are sent to serve in this part, go through a rigorous selection: they must not be below a certain height, have a good physical condition, in addition, they should not have problems with law enforcement to military service.

In the 130th Motorized Rifle Brigade, located in Sokolniki, are only contract, which is prepared by the standards of the special forces and Navy. This connection is created by the previous Secretary of Defense as a military and police, and its formation was completed last year.

Transfiguration and Semenov regiment was formed in 1691 in suburban and rural areas Preobrazhenskoe Semenovskoe based amusing troops of Peter I. From 1700 — Life Guards and Semyonov shelves. Disbanded in 1918 by the Soviet authorities.

"Recreate guard in the form in which it was, you had to something — told the newspaper VIEW military analyst Vladislav Shurigin. — It is better to just take the parts that have no military history, because by doing so we at least do not deprive those parts of their past. At one time there was an idea to assign a name of honor 45th Regiment of special purpose Airborne. This is seriously considered, but for some reason did not work. "

"It is better to choose the parts that are starting from scratch, thus becoming heirs of the famous parts than trying to select someone to record the past and the move to the new guard. Commandant’s Regiment performs the same tasks as the same Life Guards or Izmailovo shelves: the service is in the capital of the central administration, meets and escorts guests, etc.

Role in the Guards, which now will surely be about the same as that of the Guard, which existed before under these names. Still, it was a mainstay of power. The choice of these two parts requires. Now they will have to work out their ranks. If they do, will start a new story. The idea of trying to bridge the current army of the entire previous history of the army — is sound. Returning Semyonov and Preobrazhensky regiments to be preserved Soviet KANTEMIROVSKAJa and Taman Connection "- added Shurigin.

"I am sure that the old battle flags will not give them one because they are already national relics, but I think that will be developed some form will be copied from the old flags new flags may be organized in some parts of the museums, which will be transferred to some jewels. Of course, some sort of historical continuity system is organized, "- he said.

As for the barracks buildings that have been preserved in St. Petersburg, experts doubt that they will be transferred to military units. "It is unlikely, because the organization of the military units can not fit into the current. Previously, the regiment was 1,200 infantry and artillery, and had no equipment. The current version, of course, need to pour new wine into old wineskins not "- said the expert.

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