Reverse osmosis system for laboratories Nemo

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"Ekosoft" is a reverse osmosis systemEcosoft 1500 NemoLaboratory — a compact model in a closed cabinet with a high-performance membrane.

Ecosoft 1500 Nemo is connected to a conventional water supply and produces demineralized water of consistent quality for obshchelaboratornykh needs.

System Performance — 6 times higher than in laboratory distillation.

Purified water quality can be used for the preparation of buffers and reagent solutions, rinsing dishes, filling water baths, autoclaves, food, steam generators, pressure washers, reactors. Perhaps getting deeply demineralized water when the optional filter.

Ecosoft 1500 Nemo can also be used in cafes, restaurants, drug stores, in small industries and in private homes.

The system has electronic pressure sensors and flow and is intended for use with a storage tank. Additional benefits Ecosoft 1500 Nemo — low noise level and the percentage of the foul sewer.

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