Review of the Annual Report for 2011 OAK

The turn to organize the annual report of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation". Download the report in two parts, you can follow these links: Part 1, Part 2

Just specify that the document has some flaws (especially in the scope of supply) between its various sections, as well as reports of subsidiaries and affiliates KLA.

The production of new aircraft

According to the report of JSC "UAC" in the past year, the volume of production of aircraft has reached the value of 102 units (previous year Enterprise Corporation produced 74 aircraft). In 2011, the enterprises of JSC "UAC" built 17 civilian aircraft: SSJ100-95 — 5 units. (EK 95015, RA-89001, RA-89002, RA-89003, RA-89004), the An-148 — 5 units. (RA-61707 ,61709-61712), IL-96-400T — 1 unit. (RA-96104), the Tu-204-300 — 2 units. (RA-64057 and RA-64058), Tu-204SM — 1 unit. (B / n 64151), Tu-214 — 3 units. (TU-214ON RA-64519, Tu-214PU RA-64520, Tu-214SUS RA-64522). At the same time, published in the previous report of JSC "UAC" plans anticipated production of 30 aircraft, including: SSJ-100 — 14 BC, the An-148 — 8 aircraft Il-96-400T — 1 aircraft, the Tu-204- 300 — 2 aircraft Tu-214 / Tu-204 SM (subject to the Type Certificate and the availability of launch customer) — up to 5 Sun

According to a report in the past year, the KLA customers transferred 11 civil aircraft production in 2010 and 2011. Of those made in 2011 delivered 7 aircraft, including SSJ-100 — 5 aircraft (one for aviakompaniiArmAvia, received registration EK 95015, and four for Aeroflot numbered RA-RA-89001 to 89004), the An-148 — 2 Sun Airlines ‘Flight’. In addition, at the end of 2011 was completed a few aircraft that were planned but had not been delivered to customers during the year. Among them are:

— two Tu-204-300 RA-64057 and RA-64058 — have been transferred to the Special Flying Squad "Russia" in January-February 2012,

— second Tu-204SM, tail number 64151 — submitted to the certification tests, getting the type certificate is scheduled for the second half of 2012,

— three An-148, two of which (side numbers 61707 and 61712) is planned, according to the report KLA, put in a 2012 foreign customer (additions to the Type Certificate in the English-speaking part of the cabin altitude and airport received in 2011), while at the same time VACO report provides information that, in connection with the refusal of the primary customer (the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) of them had a new contract with JSC "UAC", on which delivery will be determined after the conclusion of the relevant contract between JSC "UAC" with the new operator ,

— Il-96-400T RA-96104 was not sent because of carrying on the initiative of the customer aircraft (of "IFC") for acceptance of the aircraft on the 1st quarter of 2012 due to financial problems at the aircraft operator — JSC "Air" Flight "(read more — in a published review of the VACO).

In 2011, were delivered 4 new special aviation aircraft. They included dvasamoleta Be-200ES, tuning-in to the Beriev Aircraft Company under contract in 2010 for the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the two aircraft production KAPO. Gorbunov — Tu-214PU (RA-64520) and Tu-214SUS (RA-64522). According to the report KLA delivery of another Tu-214SUS (RA-64524) from the plan in 2011 moved to 2012 (now been delivered). It is not clear, was taken into account in the production of this year’s third A-50EI, received Indian registration KW-3553.

In addition, in 2011, were completed joint production programs of JSC "UAC" and GAO "TAPOiCH" (Tashkent), carried out on the basis of bilateral agreements subsidiaries and affiliates of JSC "UAC" with GAO "TAPOiCH": he was executed the contract on the delivery of two Il-76MF for Jordan (the first serial number 96-02 was released back in 2010, the second — № 94-01 — in 2011) and completed the implementation of the contract for the supply of three IL-76TD-90VD for the airline " Volga-Dnepr "the delivery of the aircraft with seryinym No. 94-07, received registration RA-76503. In connection with the bankruptcy of the Uzbek company further joint work of JSC "UAC" with GAO "TAPOiCH" is planned.

The report also UAC data are available on the delivery last year of the first two Il-76TD of service for the Chinese company "Tyanli." Accurate data about what kind of aircraft and where they had previously operated, no.

According to the report the KLA in 2011, has supplied 19 aircraft in the framework of the state defense order, while planned to supply 21 aircraft, so the SDO implementation was 90% of the targets in 2011 in the number assigned to the Defense Russian tactical aircraft aviation were, apparently, 12 pcs. Su-27SM, 6 pcs. The Su-34 and 1 pc. Su-35s. It is not clear for what reason are not included in the set last year on the contract in 2005 the final eight Yak-130. Perhaps this is due to the fact that these aircraft are not included in the GOZ-2011, as a contract, according to the register of contracts from the site of the Federal Treasury, was to be executed before the end of 2010 the number of undelivered were most likely the next two Su-35s set by the Air Force is in the 1st quarter of this year.

As part of the plans of military-technical cooperation in 2011 was released 69 aircraft in terms of 72, accounting for 96% of the targets of last year. The number of aircraft delivered completely coincides with a detailed overview of the supply of combat aircraft for export, published in the March issue of "Rise" for the year. The truth is not at all clear has been accounted for in this amount delivered to India the third A-50EI because the report KLA those contained in the aircraft type is not specified. The report listed the following supplied last year abroad types of aircraft: Su-30MK2, Su-30MKI (A) MiG-29K/KUB MiG-29SE, MiG-29B, and the Yak-130.

Repair and modernization of previously produced aircraft

During the year, the KLA enterprises, according to the report KLA, repaired and upgraded 17 aircraft as part of the SDO and export contracts. They included six of the past on "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev "repairs and upgrades to the aircraft:

— a modernized A-50U (bort. number 33)

— renovated two anti-Tu 142VPM (including bearing the number "56" from Stony Brook)

— One Tu-142VPM-E in the PTS with India (bort. number 312)

as well as two strategic bombers Tu-95MS (including with board number 62 from Engels).

The amount deposited with the Beriev aircraft and their side numbers are confirmed Beriev press release dated December 27 last year.

JSC "EMZ them. Myashishev "deposited in 2011, one modernized aircraft control and retransmission of IL-22" Falcon ". CAPO on them. Gorbunov, according to the reports of the company were made repairs, control and restorative maintenance of Tu-160 with serial numbers 504 and 703, respectively (more about them — earlier in my blog review of the enterprise). Ulyanovsk Aviastar passed two AN-124 after repairs to the level of modernization of the An-124-100 for the Defense of the Russian Federation (head number 0503, № 0506).

Altogether it is eleven confirmed in a report UAC aircraft after repairs and upgrades. It is unclear exactly which aircraft are included in the remaining six planes because of official data KLA and its subsidiaries do not know about at least ten of these boards:

— held at VACO repair with modifications Il-96-300 RA-96017 previously operated in Kras and transmitted in the last year of the Arctic Ocean, "Russia";

— The MiG-31B, passed according to the rep
ort by the KLA NAZ "Sokol" to repair the modernization of MiG-31BM on a new contract from August 1, 2011. The exact amount of surrendered aircraft is unknown, according to the January interview with the famous deputy. Defense Minister Sukhorukov was not passed in a timely manner a plane, failure to plan is also confirmed by the report NAZ "Sokol" in the past year;

— the first of the ten Il-76MD shipped to China. On the contract for the supply of this type of aircraft availability Russian Air Force (?) Was first reported in the past year. Data on China surrendered after repair Il-76MD is to report the KLA, but no reports of JSC "UAC-TA" and JSC "Ilyushin";

— seven IL-76, held by JSC «IL» repair according to the report of the company (1 aircraft of the FSB RF-76325, and 4 aircraft of Indian Air Force, Air Force 2 plane Algeria);

— an unspecified amount of modernized to MiG-29SM fighters Peruvian air force.

                RAC "MiG" together with the NAZ "Sokol" in 2011, continued to work on the modernization of the Indian fleet of MiG-29. On KnAAPO NAPO, the Irkutsk aircraft plant repair and modernization of aircraft in the past year did not materialize.

Research and development activities.

In the past year, companies KLA conducted the following research and development:

Civil aviation technology

1) Continued research and development of short-haul aircraft of the new generation (NG). At the March 2012 scheduled defense of the technical proposal (preliminary design) as part of the passage of the second gate of quality (Gate 2).

2) Conduct research and development of MS-21. Preparation of passage fourth goal of quality (Gate 4).

3) During the second half of 2012 is scheduled for certification of completion of the works of Tu-204SM and receive additions to the Type Certificate (DST).

4) Continuation of work performed under the European Framework Program FP7: Project CREAM («Innovative technology platform for compact and reliable integrated electric drives and power plants") and project SVETLANA («Research in the field of advanced technologies to automate the collection, processing and analysis of flight data to improve safety of civil aircraft. "

Transport Aircraft

1) The preparatory work on a sketchy-technical project "Modernization of Il-76MD and Il-78m2 of order."

2) In the framework of R & D to create Il-76MD-90A completed the transfer of ECD on "Aviastar-SP" and made production planning, assembled the first prototype of the Il-76MD-90A.

3) Work continued on the development of pilot project to establish a Russian-Indian multi-role transport aircraft (MTS).

Special aircraft

1) JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev "in cooperation with the main executor of" Almaz — Antey "were working on the project" A-100 "(forward-looking set of long-range radar based on the Il-76MD-90A) and" A-60 "(work on R & D "Duelist" performed by the state contract number 5933 from 02.09.2006, signed with the military unit 21055, and suggest testing the upgraded flying laboratory 1A2 (№ 86879) placed on it with the experimental equipment air-based laser system).

2) At JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev "in cooperation with the main executor of JSC" Concern "Constellation" the work is done on the "A-90". Previously, this area does not reported.

3) of "EMZ them. Myashishev "presented to the national accreditation испытаниямодернизированный Il-22PP aircraft" Porubschik. " As part of the R & D carried out under a contract with the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation № 93032 on November 8, 2009, to develop aircraft-jammer and concurrent aerial reconnaissance. A year earlier, EMZ them. Myasishcheva in its report informed that the design documentation developed to the prototype Il-22PP and jamming equipment (ed. L-415), started work on making the flight model. Apparently, the IL-22 was the aircraft with serial number 0393610235 and registration RA-75903, seen with the new fairing in the spring of this year. 3)

4) of "EMZ them. Myashishev "also carries out work for Hydromet to build aircraft meteolaboratory (ROC" Atmosphere ") based on the Yak-42D RA-42440 on contract from October 6, 2010 in the amount of 1,125,990 rubles. The planned delivery date — December 2013;

4) JSC "Ilyushin" led the modernization of the IL-20 on the "reviewer" and prepared materials Accrued settlement of a contract for the supply of upgraded anti-IL-38N (details previously published in my blog review of the enterprise).

5) JSC "Tupolev" together with "CAPO them. SP Gorbunov "carried out flight tests of the Tu-214" faction ", this contract was signed between the ROC in / h 45807 (according to the search engines is the operational commander’s office GRU Defense Ministry), JSC" Tupolev "and CAPO them. Gorbunov more 29.11.2002. According to public arbitration cases, delivery of the first and second copies of the Tu-214R (RA-64511 and RA-64514) based on this ROC was scheduled for another in November 2008 electronic intelligence system "SRTR" for them devised Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Scientific Radio Engineering Research Institute named after AI Berg "(Code" Faction-4KRR "). From the materials of the cases observed pathological chain of debt collection for the delay in implementation of the R & D: in favor of the state budget, CAPO was recovered penalty of $ 206 mln. and penalties 150 mln., with the co-executor of FSUE GosNIIAS in favor of CAPO — 171 million rubles. penalties, with the Institute. Berg in favor GosNIIAS — 8 2mln.rub. forfeit. What’s remarkable work on the R & D carried out in the last year of the enterprises’ own funds without budgetary financing.  

6) JSC "Tupolev" in cooperation with the main performer of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega "work carried out on the aircraft for the program" Open Skies "- Tu-214ON RA-64519 and RA-64525. The first of these aircraft are scheduled for delivery this year, the second — in 2013 

After-sales service and maintenance

1) Development of a unified system of after-sales service of aircraft (PPO AT) JSC "UAC" in terms of civil aviation.

2) Testing of the financial model of service aircraft family Tu-204/214 to form a cost-effective fire suppression system for the family and the older generation of Russian and Soviet aircraft.

3) Under the first contract for the maintenance of aircraft Il-76 Defense Ministry carried out supervision, resources and extending the service life, the supply of finished products and components.

Prospects of JSC "UAC" in 2012:

— in 2012 JSC "UAC" plans to deliver 36 aircraft to customers, including: SSJ-100 — 24 pcs., the An-148 — 9 units., Tu-204-300 — 2 units., Il-96-300 — 1 u In February 2012, a complete validation of EASA Type Certificate SSJ-100, in the second half of the year will receive a type certificate for Tu-204SM. Have now been delivered zakazichkam two Tu-204-300, and several An-148 and SSJ-100,

— Program SSJ-100 is planned to further increase the serial production of aircraft and the beginning of deliveries to foreign customers.

— to reduce the cost of mass production of the An-148 "VASO" a number of activities to optimize the organizational structur
e of the company, working with suppliers of components and materials, as well as measures to improve the technical and technological level of production.

— in order to implement the plans of the SDO and exports in 2012 is planned to conclude long-term contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry in the segment of the front, military transport and special aviation (BTA contract scheduled to conclude as early as last year);

— in front (tactical) aviation major advanced development will be focused on creating a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) for the Russian Defense Ministry, as well as on the Russian-Indian project to build a long-term multi-functional fighter (PMI);

— continued work on the control and restorative maintenance and repair of long-range aircraft Tu-160, T-95MS and Tu-22M3.;

— planned modernization of the Il-96-300 number 0014 for the Arctic Ocean, "Russia."

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