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Dutch media company "Pavlov Media" has released an 8-minute animated movie about the life of earthlings and in particular on the situation in the world in general. The most piquant in this story is that the cartoon is designed to … aliens.

The filmmakers are planning to record a message on the computer disks and put them on board the space research probe "Herschel", which should start as planned with the Earth in 2007.

However, the authors of the project can not explain the interest, how do the aliens (if they get a disc in his paws or tentacles) will be able to get acquainted with their contents. Even if we assume that inozvezdnye being stolen, for example, reading information earthly equipment, not the fact that they all understand what is at stake in the cartoon. Most likely, the representatives of other worlds are very different from earthlings not only in appearance, but also the perception of reality.

However, this view is shared by a few. UFO attracted attention again the so-called "triangle of Severodvinsk", which is also called "Infernal Triangle". This area is bounded by three points — the former nuclear test site at Novaya Zemlya, Centre for Nuclear Shipbuilding in Severodvinsk, cosmodrome "Plesetsk". At some point in the area again, there is increased activity of unidentified flying objects. It is known that nuclear and strategic facilities for the increased interest on the part of the UFO — widely known fact of the appearance of the "saucer" over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the night of the accident. In the "Infernal Triangle" quite often observed triangular three-star ships, crescent formation, glowing balls, black squares, a huge dark rings. Often there are cases of the luminescence of the entire sky with the appearance on its emerald patterns. Not so long ago, in Severodvinsk residents witnessed the emergence of four in the morning of brilliant orange ball with a diameter of about 10 meters. He drifted at an altitude of 25-30 meters, which caused considerable astonishment few eyewitnesses.

To the witnesses, though quite respectable confidence in the circumstances, no!

Until now, Alex Birch Society accused of that 37 years ago he cheated the public of his famous photographs of a UFO flying over the house of his parents in Sheffield. Alex is now the grandfather, and then he was just 12 years old. The story is this — a picture that has been recognized by authoritative experts in the real company "Kodak" and the Department of the Air Force of Great Britain. The Pentagon has begun its own investigation and disapproving silent when the experts have confirmed the authenticity of the photographs. Ten years later, the author of the picture due to constant threats and scandals photo said that the picture — a clever fake. Now Birch takes it back and says that he was forced to make a false confession. Alex told the press the following: "My five year old grandson baldeet from a UFO, and I think it's very important that people know the truth!"

But what to do when in the hands of scientists get real
the evidence? Students of the Faculty of History of the University of Chernivtsi excavated near the village Tarasivka and stumbled on some 40-kilogram fossil. Finding was strikingly similar to the elongated human skull, but her proportions were clearly inhuman. Some experts have identified as an artifact of an alien skull. It is distinguishable ear, eye sockets, the location of the mouth and the nose is very similar to the familiar to earthlings shape UFO-signing shielding for astronauts.
Age finds is a few hundred thousand years, which is an indirect proof of the presence paleocontacts.




But not only visual evidence of the presence on the planet interested in UFO aliens. Quite often, the unidentified flying objects accompanies a particular smell. "Plates" can smell ether, rotten eggs, molten metal, gasoline, burnt wiring, and finally gray. The presence of the smell of sulfur allows some UFO researchers attributed to the category of "evil spirits." Some, however, caught the scent of fragrant balsam. Well, just what subterfuges "Prince of Darkness", just to deceive and destroy unstable souls.

Meanwhile, the pilots themselves and plates suffer some human weaknesses. December 28, 2002 in the town of Dunedin in New Zealand live radio show was on advertising, the company dedicated to bras "Cardon" (not to be confused with the "Pierre Cardin"!). The show was attended by about 20 local residents who had organized a competition among themselves, whose bra better. For this woman's intimate parts hung toilet on the ropes. Exhibition of photographs of the original reporter of the newspaper "Otago Daily News" Imagine his surprise when showing a film he saw in the background waving in the wind bras … "Flying saucer."

Aliens-fetishists that's what! But about a drunk and "stoned" UFO-signing shielding for astronauts world has ever heard of. Well-known UFO researcher Robert Sendevi claims that pilots' flying saucers "sit behind the wheel while intoxicated. He came to this judgment, when engaged in the analysis of the trajectories of a UFO flying over our planet. Zigzag motion of the objects, they commit a strange evolution, sudden stops and cautious, hesitant movement is strikingly similar to the behavior of the driver is not quite sane, trying their best to convince the inspector nearby, he's all right. So it's not surprising a significant number of reports of UFO crashes occurred. Plates cut into the mountain, go to the dangerous proximity to the aviation tehnikoyi and even collide with each other.

The main role is played here, so to speak, the "human factor", or rather "non-human" — says the Englishman. — Technologies that are used in the construction of a UFO ahead of Earth for many thousands of years. The denial of such a technology, and as a result, the disaster is unlikely. Consequently, the causes of the incidents should look very different — as a pilot and the physical condition of the pilots.

The U.S. Air Force on request of British ufologists privately confirmed that "an autopsy of the remains of aliens who perished in the crash of their spacecraft near Roswell in 1947, discovered the bodies of strangers high level of a chemical that is likely to act on aliens as alcohol on people. " Well, even though this fact somehow brings humanity and the alien races!



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