Revival Kalush polymer giant

With the introduction into service of Kalush concern "Vinyl chloride" Ukraine has a powerful newest production of extremely high demand product — PVC. In addition to new jobs and improvement of the social situation in the depressive Ivano-Frankivsk region, it will save the import and become a leader for the production of PVC in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

Consumer demand for PVC in our country is very large, so is always the question: where to buy? Soviet power in the western Ukrainian Kalush in the mid 90’s have declined, and by 2004 became the last domestic manufacturer — May Day SE "Himprom": he was subjected to artificial bankruptcy, followed by a sellout. It seemed that this will continue. However, the revival of its own PVC production was quickly and unexpectedly.

Talk about restoring Kalush "vinyl chloride" (in the 90s — Concern "Oriana"), once the flagship of the Soviet polimerproma been kept for a long time. A few years ago of intent to resume production of PVC at the facilities of the complex in Kalush said Russian oil company "Lukoil". This required not only a huge investment — more than $ 1 billion, but the readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to assist in the implementation of the project. For example, to allow new plants receive for recycling non-excise gasoline and diesel, and gas.

The project was started in 2006 -2007 years., And at the end of 2010, the management of "Lukoil-Karpatneftehima" reported the launch of a new production of polyvinyl chloride in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. In parallel, were put into operation enterprise for production of chlorine and sodium. Now "Vinyl chloride" at full capacity.

Now the situation has changed: the Russian investment "will be deprived of the" importer of PVC in Ukraine from many countries

Russian corporation carried out this project in collaboration with colleagues in Germany, because it called for the introduction of German technology corporation Vinnolit. And "Lukoil" and Vinnolit — direct competitors of U.S. suppliers of PVC in the CIS — those imports, which in our country is more active in recent years. In this well profited brokers and distributors of Chinese, European and U.S. firms.

Now the situation has changed: the Russian investment "will be deprived of the" importer of PVC in Ukraine from many countries. The production capacity of 300 thousand tons (compared to the world’s largest producer of PVC — United States — produces 8 million tons per year) will take almost the entire domestic market. A surplus will be exported in all directions — this time from Ukraine. There are orders from Russia, Belarus and Turkey.

In comparison with Soviet technology in the new high-tech manufacturing employment in the order of less people. For example, for the production of chlorine is quite a bit more than 100 employees, and not more than a thousand, as before. The same — to manufacture PVC. But due to activation of related industries and factories — Kalush Pipe, soleproizvodstv, enterprises for the production of PVC profiles, as well as rail transport — to the case involved nearly all Kalush.

It is interesting that even in Russia there is no analogue of Kalush Megafactories. According to the management, "Karpatneftehima", almost all of Russia’s production of PVC are currently working on obsolete technology 60-70-ies. The new project, also at 300 tons PVC, but the technology of the American company Solvay, implements a "RusVinyl," but it will come into effect only in 2014.

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