Revived Preobrazhensky Regiment

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On the assignment of 154-th separate commandant regiment honorary title."

As the press service of the Kremlin, in the text of the decree states: "In order to revive the glorious historical traditions of the military, and also considering the merits of the personnel of the regiment, I resolve to appropriate 154-th separate commandant regiment the honorary title of" Transfiguration "and continue to call it: the 154th separate curfew Preobrazhensky Regiment. "

Recall the decision to revive the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment Putin said in the message to the Federal Assembly. The President explained that it is necessary for a living connection with the story. "We need examples of courage and sacrifice of heroes," — he said.

However, initially it was assumed that the Preobrazhensky regiment will be no curfew, and the 45th Guards commandos. At least this said Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov. However, this idea seems to have decided to refuse.

Transfiguration and Semyonov shelves trace their history back to the end of the XVII century, when Tsar Peter I formed them from the so-called amusing in suburban villages of Transfiguration and Semenov. Regiments participated in the wars with Sweden, Turkey, in the Patriotic War and World Wars.

In 1917. Preobrazhensky actively participated in the February revolution that did not save them from the disbanded after the Bolsheviks came to power. The White Army attempts to revive the regiment, and his last soldiers left Russia in 1920

Among the Preobrazhensky regiment served in were such artists as Gabriel Derzhavin, Modest Mussorgsky, Vladimir Istomin.

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