Revyakino Metal Works is preparing to launch a new furnace

January 31 Revyakino metal factory budent launched a new continuous furnace, and the production capacity will increase by a third. For the installation of new equipment, as stated by the Director General of OAO "Revyakino Metal Works" Igor Shischuk, had to rebuild the entire infrastructure of the plant.

Especially for the RMZ have been designed and built two bridge cranes at 12.5 tons, the design of which have been applied non-standard solutions. For example, to turn the cargo in the horizontal plane, a special truck, which is not the usual construction cranes.

In connection with the increase in the volume of production rolling mill plant was equipped with additional equipment. This is a new and ROLL valtsefrezerny machines, spare cartridges (interchangeable rolling mill) mill.

Simultaneously with the construction of the furnace finishes building a new 32-meter crane trestle stock blanks for storage and processing of increasing amounts of raw materials, is established stand mechanized extraction of raw packets and transfer to the oven preparations.

To minimize the manual labor and increase productivity of the mill are introduced to the work of the automated packaging rolled scissors cutting billets before rolling stands, upgraded shears for cutting rods "marketable length."

"We have improved the production and infrastructure to the maximum. In addition to special designs, such as the new overpass, worked with the organization of space in the plant, modernization of loading and unloading, storage, etc. put into operation at the plant new roads. Revolutionized almost everything "- adds Igor Shischuk.

Also improved logistics enterprise scheme (storage of products, its identification, transportation). Specially designed for RMZ unified management of storage areas using the scheme warehouse management, real-time (warehouse management system). For identification of the finished product is introduced the bar code system, which will greatly speed up processes and improve the quality of accounting processes.

Data transformations ends the second phase of modernization RMZ. The amount of money invested in the acquisition, installation of new equipment, as well as a change in the infrastructure of production is 500 million rubles. Financial partner modernization acted Tula branch number 8604 of the Savings Bank of Russia. Additional funds the company received in Rosbank and Metcombank.

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