RHM-6 on the teachings of the Strategic Missile Forces

Division of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (RHB) Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) leverage the latest chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-6 on the exercise of collecting and processing information about the NBC situation, told reporters on Friday, the official representative of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Vadim Koval.

Quarterly exercises were conducted with the assistance of the nine control points deployed in various regions of Russia Saratov region to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Only in the events involved more than 170 soldiers and more than 20 units of special equipment CBR defense.

"In the training sessions have been involved in the Strategic Missile Forces received the latest intelligence chemical machines RHM-6" — said Koval.

He noted that during the training sessions were conducted to test the practical actions to calculations RHB exploration and settlement and analytical groups associations and connections SRF.

Machine radiation and chemical reconnaissance RHM-6 (machine Radiation and chemical protection) better known as the "wagon" is designed to provide radiation, chemical and biological non-specific intelligence, security intelligence data into an automated command and control system.

It allows you to receive real-time intelligence on NBC and meteorological conditions with displaying it on a map in the car and intelligence collection point of information, monitor the implementation of the tasks subordinates calculations and quickly refine them according to the prevailing situation, the conduct surveillance in the area of chemical control of troops environment within a radius of six kilometers and make timely notification of the use of chemical weapons, leading to a reduction in potential losses of 50-70%.

A crew three people in a combat weight of 13.5 tons position. Basic chassis BTR-80, the maximum speed on the highway — 80 miles per hour, afloat — 9 kilometers per hour. Cruising range — 600 kilometers.

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