RIA Novosti image-page launched on Facebook in Russia

RIA Novosti media holding launches on October 11 Russian and English image-page devoted to Russia, in the social network Facebook.

"On a country that is proud of, and the need to tell a lot by all possible means," — said the chief editor of RIA Novosti Svetlana Myronyuk. In her opinion, "the branding page on Facebook in Russia will be in demand, as there will be collected the most significant events in our country, or relating it directly."

The project aims to create a favorable image of Russia through operational information messages about important events in the country and at the international level.

"We are confident that this new page will be a useful source of information about Russia for Facebook users in different countries and are happy to work with RIA Novosti in the development of this direction," — says Angela Tse, development manager for Facebook in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Facebook users can get information about the achievements of Russian experts in the space industry and nanotechnology. Also planned daily publication of materials on the international sporting successes Russians. The stories about the sights and features of Russian culture, galleries of tourist routes traveled by RIA Novosti journalists will also promote a positive image of the country.

In addition, the branding page, Russia will be a variety of interactive services — surveys, quizzes, competitions, etc.

"RIA Novosti news agency will be the first in the world, which launched on Facebook Platform regional geographic page in a format — the director of the directorate of promotion and social networking RIA Novosti Daria Penchilova." According to her, the main objective of the project will inform readers about the most recent and interesting events on the sporting, cultural and tourism topics. Every day is planned to produce 7.5 of news that will be selected from a variety of sources, including the official web page of the Ministry, the popular media resources and blogs.

The curators of this project will also pay attention to the comments and suggestions from users.

Promotional material on a page in Facebook Russia will be published under the slogan: "Subscribe to Russia," "Say:" I love Russia ".

This resource of any Facebook user will be able to find useful information on the Russian and share them with friends. It is assumed that the project will increase the investment attractiveness of the country and attract new tourists.

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