RIA Novosti launches innovative media research lab

A multimedia news agency RIA Novosti creates innovative media research center RIA Media Lab.
The laboratory will analyze and forecast trends in the field of media, develop new technologies, products and services in this area, to promote their implementation, as well as prepare journalistic staff, taking into account recent developments in the media abroad and in Russia.

"In the Russian media at a sufficiently high level of media technologies, with rare exceptions, are not yet available own innovations, basically goes belated copy of foreign technologies," — said the chief editor of RIA Novosti Svetlana Myronyuk.

"At the end of last year we have made them an important conclusion: it is much better and more interesting to develop technologies and products of their own, in Russia. Therefore, RIA Novosti decided to create a Media Lab as a center storage mediaznany and competencies that will develop, implement and run in a resource RIA new technologies ", — she said.

Research direction RIA Media Lab will include both fundamental (Theoretical) and applied research of media industry (research and implementation works), as well as research in the fields of sociology and psychology of media.

Center headed by the Vice-President of the Guild of Press Publishers, a member of the board of the World Newspapers and News Publishers Association (WAN-IFRA) Basil Gatow.

"In the academic and university environments Russian R & D in the field of media are virtually absent. In this case, the rapid changes in the role and place of media, including news agencies, in the context of globalization of information requires the development of strategic, technological and operational forecasts for the media industry. I believe that RIA Novosti communicator and as a national center of innovation in the media industry is ideally suited as a site for such a laboratory, "- said Gatow.

According to him, the work of the media laboratory should involve representatives of related disciplines, it also has to be one of the centers of the development of training programs for journalists.

"We plan to attract students and graduate students in laboratory research projects, expand interdisciplinary and international cooperation, to develop educational programs and prepare truly modern journalistic staff," — said Gatow.

He hoped that the cooperation RIA Media Lab with the world’s leading media research centers "will go beyond the current academic process at the Russian mediafakultetah."

RIA Novosti — Russia’s leading media company with a rich 70-year history. Today, the RIA Novosti media holding includes the eponymous multimedia Russian Information Agency, Russian Agency of the legal and judicial information, the Agency of sport information "RSport" ID "Moscow News", published newspapers in English and Arabic, a press center, and more than 70 online resources in 14 languages. The total audience of sites exceeds 17 million unique visitors per month.

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