Riar completed the upgrade of the complex for the production of fuel assemblies of innovative nuclear fuel

September 2 First Deputy General Director of the State Corporation "Rosatom" AM Lokshin approved the certificate of acceptance of the project "Modernization of the fuel complex for the production of fuel assemblies JSC "RIAR".

Acceptance committee of the State Corporation "Rosatom" has determined that the starting complex is made in accordance with the project meets the sanitary-epidemiological, environmental, fire, building regulations and government standards.  

Completed extensive work to upgrade the technological complex of "RIAR" for fuel, fuel elements (cartridges) and fuel assemblies (FAs) with MOX fuel for the reactor BN-600 and BN-800. The work was conducted under the federal target program "Nuclear power a new generation." The project cost at current prices — 1.709 billion rubles.

Adopted to ensure the production of MOX fuel based technologies vibrocompaction capacity of 60 fuel assemblies per year.

  • Fuel assembly fast neutron reactor, the BN (right)
  • Fuel assembly fast neutron reactor, the BN (right)

Now RIAR, using new equipment, make MOX fuel for start downloading BN-800 reactor, whose construction is completed at the site Beloyarsk. Total Riar must deliver to the station 162 fuel assemblies with MOX fuel, including — 96 FA made the full redistribution, using technology developed at the Institute pyroelectrochemical recrystallization and vibro-compaction, and 66 fuel assemblies in cooperation with the "Mayak", where the tablets are manufactured and cartridges. 05.09.2013 16:00 | Press service of "RIAR"


For reference — the news of 15.06.2013

Riar was the only institution in the world to produce uranium-plutonium fuel for fast reactors on an industrial scale

In the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in beta launched chemical-technological complex for the production of uranium-plutonium fuel for fast reactors. Currently, the department is implementing a program for the production of mixed uranium-plutonium fuel to start loading the reactor BN-800, which is built on the site of Beloyarsk station. To ensure that production Riar conducted technical re: the old equipment has been replaced in the new generation of plants under the federal target program "Nuclear power a new generation." Total cost of equipment and construction activities was approximately two billion rubles.

"The development of these technologies lasted about 30 years. In the future we will use this equipment to implement the orders, — said the director of the Chemical Engineering Department Riar Vladislav Sour. — In fact, we are the only ones who produces uranium-plutonium fuel. The nearest such production can be created in 2015 on the Mining and Chemical Combine in Krasnoyarsk. "

Advantage multifunctional fast research reactor (MBIR) consists in minimizing waste, since multiple reactors allow fuel to return to the cycle. In total, it is planned to build about 1.5 tons of uranium-plutonium fuel.

"Fast reactors can extract from the fuel, which has stood in the reactor, return portion, — explained the head of the press service of" GNITS Riar "Galina Pavlova. — This part can be used in the future. In addition, at the time we and the Americans had excessive amounts of nuclear weapons. Plutonium, which was part of a weapon can be used to make fuel for fast reactors. Fast reactor fuel is burned, and the remains can again return to the cycle. And so many times. Waste is, but in small amounts, they are stored in deep underground layers. The task of the nuclear power industry is to maximize the use of fuel. "


And what is the MOX-fuel:

Currently, nuclear power, the main type of nuclear fuel is uranium dioxide, which itself fissile element — is the isotope 235U, and in the reactions of neutron absorption by another isotope 238U is produced plutonium 239Pu. Extracted from irradiated nuclear fuel separates plutonium can be used to enrich the necessary fissile element of uranium dioxide fuel-deficient isotope 235U. This approach can reduce the consumption of uranium stocks are inevitably exhausted, and solve the problem of disposal of the produced plutonium in power reactors and management of stocks of weapons-grade plutonium.

In connection with this extremely important area related to the use of mixed uranium-plutonium-based fuel dioxide UO2 and PuO2 (Mixed-Oxide), known as MOX — fuel, which works are carried out in Russia and in many countries around the world. For the production of MOX-fuel use may be depleted uranium processing plants or waste enrichment facilities, as well as natural uranium. Plutonium MOX-fuel component extracted from irradiated nuclear reactor fuel.

MOX-fuel can be used in both thermal and fast reactors. The content of plutonium in the fuel for thermal reactors is 4 … 5%, and for fast reactors existing technologies provide value to 45%. The most effective use of MOX-fuel in fast reactors.


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